Small Business Spotlight: PETITE BOHÈME

Small Business Spotlight: PETITE BOHÈME


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Small Business Owner | PETITE BOHÈME | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

During this time (and always!) it is so important to support local and the small business in our communities. Plus it’s great for the economy too! We are constantly inspired by the ambition and resilience of small business founders. We feel that the risks that they take lead to innovation and help in moving the world forward.

Inspired by these entrepreneurs and their stories, we recently chatted with Marie-Claude Joly – owner of PETITE BOHÈME about being an entrepreneur, running a small business while also running a family, and how she has adapted to the changes that Covid-19 has brought to her business.

What is your business about and why did you start it?

PETITE BOHÈME sprung from my desire to create a girls’ clothing line inspired by nature with a bohemian twist.

I have 3 girls and often found it challenging finding exactly what I was looking for, high quality fabrics, plain and minimal designs, offering comfort while bringing style and elegance.

PETITE BOHÈME has a story,  developed with a vision, with passion and love for beauty.

All colors, fabrics, details are carefully selected in order to offer a special touch and always staying true to the essence of the brand, simplicity, femininity and effortless elegance with high quality yet affordable timeless pieces.

PETITE BOHÈME | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

What do you love about your business?

Every aspect of it! It brings me such happiness to be able to do something I’m truly passionate about while combining my creativity in designing clothes, taking photos and inspiring my followers.

How do you manage your time between running a business and a family?

I simply go with the flow and do my best, it is challenging at times.

My older girls are in school which makes it easier to manage working from home. I spend time with my little one early in the morning and then she’s my little assistant while I’m preparing orders. The afternoons are busy with school pick ups, errands, homework and sports. So I do sleep very late at night in order to keep up with everything. There’s a lot more than preparing orders to do behind the scene but again, I love what I do so I feel blessed really.

Small Business | PETITE BOHÈME | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

How has Covid-19 affected your business and how have you adapted?

I actually launched PETITE BOHÈME right in the beginning of the pandemic. All while hesitating whether I should do it or not, I was afraid on the impact it would have on small businesses but was pleasantly surprised with the positive response and about how supportive our community is with supporting small businesses. I’m extremely thankful for everyone who loved and shared PETITE BOHÈME from the very start, it means so much.

Any piece of advice to other small businesses owners or anyone wanting to start their own business?

If you’re passionate and have this dream to start your own business – go for it, work for it and make it happen. Be fearlessly authentic, this is key.

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