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    QiDZ is a full guide of kid-friendly and after school activities happening near and around you in the UAE.

    Search what’s happening in an area near you right now and share activities with your friends to plan your kids’ social life!

  • Now you’ll always know what’s happening!

    We know whats happening, when and where and we’ll make sure you do too!

    Browse activities, add them to your favorites and save them to your calendar so you’ll never forget your plans! We’re all busy and it does happen!

    We’ll also be sure to send you loads of recommendations to keep your family entertained based on your kids’ ages and interests.

  • Read others reviews and be a QiDZ contributor yourself!

    Check out the details of an activity before locking in a plan and you can see if its worth your while by reading other parents and caregivers' reviews.

    You can also suggest edits to any of our listings so you can let others know the new time the activity starts or if they need a pair of socks to get in!

    We’ve all been there before- now you’ll be in the know!

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