Today (April 7) the world celebrates the World Health Day, a global health awareness conceived by the World Health Organisation aimed to focus on health-related issues that deserve special attention. Prevention is better than cure…we hear this often from medical professionals and even in ads! This cannot be more relevant than the current situation that we are in.

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Teaching Personal Hygiene to Kids

At QiDZ, we reiterate the need of educating kids to have appropriate personal hygiene in order to prevent or control diseases.

Personal hygiene is a practice on how you care for your body.  It comprises of various activities that keeps oneself clean, healthy and prevents the spread of infectious diseases.

Awareness should start from the family, as a basic unit of society.  As parents, it is our responsibility to educate our children – make them understand what is good and healthy and the opposite as well. We can get them into a routine at every stage through simple practices at home. Toddlers have a different understanding ability and behavior from preschoolers and the older kids; it is all up to us to fill those sponges (kids’ minds) repeatedly and have them develop healthy habits.

Remember, too much information may overwhelm your kids. Start with the basics – hand washing and bathing.   Then, move on to the other parts that encompasses body hygiene including taking care of the skin, feet and hair. Oral hygiene is also important to teach.

Another important health hygiene that we believe needs to be taught are the practical ways that children can do to protect themselves and those around them, such as covering mouth when sneezing, throwing away their used tissue, and many more. Developing a habit cannot be done overnight though, so we may have to repeat it multiple times. Be patient.

Try to make it fun! Click here for a kid-friendly science experiment to explain the importance of washing hands properly!

Lastly, do not forget to acknowledge when they’ve done great.  That way, they will be motivated and remember better.


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