Dads are real heroes!

Fathers are our protectors, our providers, our disciplinarians, and our heroes! 🦸🏻‍♂️

We bet you need some Dad & kid time together and we believe that no matter how old your kid is, some memories are just made of dad and son.

Take a look at the activities & deals that we picked especially for you to spend such an amazing time, enjoy every second together, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

  1. Footlab: Check out the first indoor football performance and entertainment park in the world and enjoy a sporty time with your little one!
  2. Trampo Extreme: Enjoy a ‘jumptastic’ day at the top-quality indoor trampoline park for kids or dads to jump, flip and explore the acrobatic skills
  3. Ferrari World: There is no better gift for fathers day rather than a full day out at the Ferrari world where you can experience the real thrill!
  4. IMG: There’s something for everyone here at IMG Worlds, so come and explore Dubai’s coolest theme park with its endless rides and entertainment!
  5. Aquaventure Waterpark: New rides and splash! The best way to spend your day with your little thrill-seekers is at the biggest kids’ waterpark experience.
  6. Ski Dubai: Spend a cool day at the COOLEST place! A wonderful & unique experience to enjoy with dad.

Find here more places to enjoy with dad and create more memories together!