Learn how and why I’m a Hero Book local business was born

Learn how and why I’m a Hero Book local business was born

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We’re lucky to be part of a community with lots of smart and inspiring women who own businesses. This week we had a chat with I’m A Hero Book, a local business that prints individually and personalized children’s books where your kids are the heroes of their own stories.

Owned by Isabel Domenech, we chatted with her about why she started the business and we cannot be more inspired by her story.

What is your business about and why did you start it? 

Today, I would like to explain the purpose of I’m a Hero Books, personalized children’s books with moral messages. Our purpose is to continue our mum’s legacy in our personalized children’s books. So that you understand a little more, I will explain to you my story and a very painful chapter of our lives.

In 2012, our mother Menchu Sotelo died suddenly from a stroke at the age of 61.
On the day of her funeral, I remember that those at the center asked us if my mother was a well-known person because more than 1,500 people attended, including family, friends, and students from the school where she taught. And no, she was not a well-known character, just a Chemistry teacher at a school in Barcelona, but the big difference is that she went out of her way to help her teenager students at times when they were a bit lost. We realized that helping others, being kind, affectionate, cheerful, patient, and above all, having strong values were appreciated by others.


After six years, when I moved to Dubai, my brother Arcadi (the illustrator) handmade a memory book for my daughter. She loved it and wouldn’t put it down because she had photos of herself and her family in the book, as well as a story and key things for her to learn, such as numbers, colors, countries, etc.

We thought it would be a fantastic idea to create a personalized book where children could see themselves on every page and be the main character of a story. It is also a way to pay tribute to our mother through our stories.

For this reason, we decided that all the stories would have values and learnings that she taught and that we want to share. Because in life these values can be taught to our little Heroes from an early age through our books.

And how do we do it? Well, we capture the children’s attention by turning them into the Hero of their own stories. Children are excited to see the main characters of the story performing. Our purpose is to re-engage children with reading and instill moral messages. We want them to enjoy having a physical book in their hand.
That’s how the I’m a Hero book was born!

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