SITT: Connecting Hearts and Hands in Caregiving

SITT: Connecting Hearts and Hands in Caregiving

By Aya

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Sitt isn’t just an app; it’s a story of love, resilience, and the unwavering bond between a parent and their child. Rawdha, a mother whose child needed extra care due to illness, embarked on a journey that led to the creation of Sitt—a platform where finding certified caregivers is as simple as a click. Imagine the relief of knowing that help is just a tap away, whether it’s for a newborn, a toddler, or elderly care. Sitt is more than a convenience; it’s a lifeline for families facing caregiving challenges. Now, let’s discover the heart behind Sitt and learn how this app is changing lives, one connection at a time.

Here are ten questions that will illuminate the passion and purpose driving this innovative caregiving solution.

1. What inspired you to create Sitt, and how has your personal experience influenced the development of the app?
Finding affordable experienced caretakers was painfully difficult. I gave birth to my twins during the end of COVID with one of my twins being in the NICU for a longer period than planned. Nurses that I would book the traditional ways would cancel at the last minute and I couldn’t find replacements quickly. It was also expensive to hire nurses for longer periods of time when I needed that. I couldn’t find a platform that can help me locate any of the service providers . So I created SITT.

2. Could you describe the process of hiring certified and qualified help through the Sitt app? How do users navigate and select the best caregivers for their needs?
We meticulously go through applications and resumes and shortlist the candidates who meet the criteria. We then conduct interviews with them and rate them against our criteria. If they pass, then they are listed on our platform. As a mum of 4 that had no time to go through the hassle of CVs and needed someone to do that job for me I only accept sitters that are vetted and trustworthy and have a minimum of 2 years experience at a certain service. I understand how important trust is when it come to hiring external help and that’s something we design our processes around at SITT

3. What measures does Sitt take to ensure the safety and reliability of the caregivers available on the platform? Apart from a rigorous application and interview process, we also make sure to verify their experience. That means employers, certifications etc. This helps us make sure we only work with reliable caregivers.

4. What types of services are offered on Sitt? Are there specific qualifications or certifications that caregivers must meet to be listed on the platform?
We decided to focus on offering three service with plans to expand to others in the near future. Today, on SITT you can find caregivers for:
1. Maternity Sitting
2. Elderly care
3. Post-surgical carer

5. How does Sitt handle emergencies or last-minute booking requests from users?
SITT was built with speed, efficiency and on-demand service in mind. With our proprietary streamlined technology, we are able to ensure customers get the help they need when they need it.

6. Can users provide feedback or reviews about the caregivers they hire through the app? How does this feedback system work?
Yes after the service is over users have three features they can use . They can rate the sitter , tip the sitter , and write a review in the app itself. Or even reach out to SITT through instagram or our help line.

7. In what regions or countries is Sitt currently available, and are there plans to expand to new areas in the future?
SITT is currently operation around the UAE and soon will branch out the the MENA Region.

8. What technological features or innovations does Sitt employ to enhance the user experience and make booking caregivers more convenient?
SITT was developed to have a simple user friendly interface to make it easy for users to navigate through. Firstly, We designed personalized profiles to help users learn about the sitter and make a choice by focusing on the key information that parents would look for when hiring. Second, we offer real time updates when the sitter arrives and ends the service and finally, we facilitate communication between users and sitters allowing them to provide instructions, ask questions or even give timely feedback. .

9. Could you share some success stories or positive experiences from users who have used Sitt to find caregivers for their loved ones? We have helped over 500+ parents find caregivers. That is a tremendous amount of trust that our community places on us. One of the common feedback we receive about our service is about how seamless the experience is and how impressed the parents are with the sitters experience and their ability to deal with children of all ages and personality types.

10. As an entrepreneur in the caregiving industry, what challenges have you faced, and how have you overcome them to make Sitt a successful platform?
The caregiving industry in the UAE is a very successful and competitive industry it was hard to find the qualified sitters we wanted in our team due to high demand . Maintaining high quality care while managing costs and optimizing for profitability is a constant challenge. But because of that, we have gained our service providers’ trust in a very short period where we started receiving a lot of candidates organically without advertising for it . Sticking to providing the best quality made us retain our clients always. These challenges are inherent to the tech0-driven ecosystem we are in and we focus on building a strong reputation for quality and reliability with users and sitters in order to overcome that.

Download the app on: Play Store or iOS
Website: sitt.ae
Instagram: sittapp.ae

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