MindMaze Egypt

other, Explore The City
< 10-13+ yrs
For the Teens


person>= 10 years
EGP 120
person>= 10 years
EGP 130
person>= 10 years
EGP 110
person>= 10 years
EGP 200
person>= 10 years
EGP 150
person>= 10 years
EGP 140

Activity Description

Gather your friend and enjoy an interactive game play full of challenges and fun! You're going to locked in a tricky room such as Haunted Mansion, Room 13, Blood Empire, The Morgue, or Congo. The clock is ticking. There's only one way out. In order to escape, you and your team will have to discover clues, solve puzzles using creativity and common sense before your time runs out.


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