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Women Supporting and Inspiring Women

Women Supporting Women, All Together We Can Achieve Amazing Things!

Happy International Women’s Day! In case you did not know, ~ 50% of the world population is female so everything we do (and don’t do) matters a lot. We are women, mothers, sisters, cousins, leaders, employers, employees, friends etc; and we change the world each and every single day. We impact everyone around us and […]

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Hatta Wadi Hub, a fun day out and a way to burn off energy

Want some fun and thrills and a way to burn off energy? Look no further than Hatta Wadi Hub (https://www.visithatta.com/en/play/adventures)! It’s a 1.5 hour drive from Dubai and the route from Dubai, takes you through the desert and on a beautiful new road through the mountains.  Its a fantastic place for both adults and kids […]

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