Hatta Unveiled: A Symphony of Family Adventures!

Discover the ultimate family adventure hotspot: Hatta, where every moment bursts with excitement! Nestled just 1.5 hours away from Dubai, this journey is a breeze, even for the little ones who can’t stand car rides (and the adults secretly nod in agreement). The drive is a picturesque delight, adorned with breathtaking red sand dunes and […]

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Dealing with Bullying: Parenting Insights by Rania Hussant

Welcome to our blog, where we dive into an important topic close to every parent’s heart: bullying. It’s a pervasive issue affecting our children, and we understand the concern it sparks in every caregiver’s mind. Here, we’re delighted to introduce you to Rania Hussant, a Certified Mindful Parent Educator & Life Coach. Dr. Hussant joins […]

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