Lunchbox Joy with Just Two Mums: Discover Tasty Ideas for Happy Kids!

Lunchbox Joy with Just Two Mums: Discover Tasty Ideas for Happy Kids!

By Aya

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Meet Megan & Rebecca, two remarkable mothers who transformed a simple WhatsApp group into a culinary treasure. With six kids between them, the daily challenge of satisfying their families’ appetites inspired them to create a cookbook. Their recipes, meticulously tested on their own children, guarantee kid-approved meals. We’re absolutely thrilled to have them onboard with us on the Qidz Mobile App. They will be sharing invaluable tips that will not only make lunchbox preparation a breeze but also ensure that every parent, mothers and fathers alike, can craft nutritious and delightful meals for their children. Stay tuned for the link to their incredible cookbook! 🍱👩‍🍳📚

1.What are some nutritious yet kid-friendly options that parents can include in their children’s school lunches to ensure they get the energy they need for the day?
Especially for kids who do a lot of sports before or after school we love sending in a thermos with protein packed pasta, a favorite is our pesto pasta with chicken that has lots of hidden kale.

2. Can you suggest some creative ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into school lunches that children will actually enjoy?
We make a lot of fruit and veggie muffins or hide extra veggies in sauces by puréing it. Cauliflower rice is virtually undetectable in anything and has loads of vitamin C.

3.How can parents strike a balance between offering variety in their child’s lunch and making sure it’s quick and easy to prepare in the morning rush?
Plan ahead of time. We like to select two different mains each week and rotate them so it keeps the lunchboxes fresh but the grocery shopping and prep to a minimum.

4.What are some make-ahead lunch ideas that can save parents time while still ensuring a tasty and satisfying meal for their kids?
Utilize your freezer, in our book we have tons of ideas that can come straight from the freezer to the lunchbox making prep super fast and easy.

5.Could you share some tips for preventing lunchbox contents from becoming soggy or unappetizing by the time lunch rolls around?
Use containers inside the lunchbox and always pack with two ice packs to keep food from going too soft in the heat.

6.Many kids have allergies or dietary restrictions. What are some safe and tasty alternatives that parents can consider when packing lunches?
If you have a look through our book just swap out your allergic item for whatever you usually use, for example instead of milk use soya. Three of our six kids were allergic to diary when they were small and there are some great alternatives in the shops available that are easy to cook with.

7.How can parents involve their children in the lunch-packing process to encourage their interest in trying new foods and making healthy choices?
We always do trial runs of new lunchbox items on evenings or the weekends. Never send anything brand new to school.

8.What are some protein-rich options that parents can include to keep their child full and focused throughout the school day?
Our kids all love fried rice with chicken. It’s full of veggies and has both chicken and egg which makes it protein packed. If your kids don’t like rice then swap for noodles. You can find a very good recipe in our book. Desserts with hidden beans and chickpeas is another great way to add proteins to the diet and keep the kids full for longer.

9.Are there any “hidden gems” of nutrition that parents might overlook when planning their child’s lunchbox?
We both have a Monday morning lunch box alternative for the days when you have a empty refrigerator. Instant noodles but add a egg to add nutrients. Another good one is a egg tortilla. When in doubt, add eggs. Utilise your lunch box thermos for both hot and cold food. A yoghurt parfait or a chia pudding is easy to make ahead and always a lunch box win especially in this heat

10.In a world where convenience snacks are prevalent, how can parents prioritize homemade, wholesome snacks in their child’s lunchbox without sacrificing convenience?
Batch cooking and baking is the way forward, always double up and freeze. It makes it easy to take out and put in the lunchbox.

Link to buy the book: https://amzn.to/45SO5Jz
Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/justtwomums/

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