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The Dilmun Club is a family orientated, sports and social club located in the residential area of Saar. The Club provides a safe, relaxed and friendly atmosphere for a wide range of social, sporting and recreational activities. They cater to all tastes of food and beverage through our six outlets. These range from our more traditional British pub-style bar, The Bulls Head through to our fine dining, candlelit ambient restaurant, The Bistro. The Dilmun also contains a range of sporting facilities, including two tennis courts, two squash courts, two riding paddocks and one astroturf football pitch. The Kids HQ Soft Play is a custom built soft play area next to the Kids Swimming Pool and The Kids Play area. With large glass windows you can watch your children playing inside whilst enjoying your food and refreshments at the poolside. The Kids playground has a range of different equipment for the kids to play on and enjoy, It has a rubber matted floor for bumps and falls.


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