Twinkle Twinkle Center & Cafe

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< 0-5 yrs
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per_class<= 6 years
person<= 6 years
BHD 20

Activity Description

Twinkle Twinkle Center is an activity center & cafe where kiddos aged 18 months to 5 years will have lots of fun including music, art, storytelling, messy play, sensory play and much more.


Twinkle twinkle is by far the most nurturing, entertaining, and exciting place for young kids. I always felt comfortable leaving my kids there because the staff is knowledgeable and extremely caring. There’s an outdoor playground when the weather is great, and there’s soft play inside all year around. They have different rooms for arts and crafts and another for small gatherings, sing-alongs and physical activities for the little ones. That doesn’t include the creative themes and theatrics they bring in for the kids. An extra perk is the great cafe filled with more treats, coffees, books and pleasantries. On top of all that, they throw amazing and memorable birthday parties! ... Read more
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