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Very DIY Pinata!

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Everyone loves a pinata- in fact is a celebration of any type a celebration at all without one? Although you can easily make your own using balloons and macrame, here's an idea that requires close to no prep at all. Grab a paper lunch bag or a paper shopping bag. Fill it with wrapped candies and chocolate. To make it fun and colourful, see what you have around the house- I used the cover of an old Lightening Mc Queen activity book I was going to throw out anyway- or get creative with some markets, paint, coloured paper and glue! To be honest- it doesn't really matter because everyone is here for the treats@ Tie the top of the bag together with ribbon leaving enough ribbon to then tie and hang it tie it to somewhere sturdy. Grab a stick, wooden spoon or a bat and hit! For older kids, blind fold them and everyone gets 3 swings! Tip: make sure everyone stands in a line behind the pinata to keep it safe!

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