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Play Areas
Limited time only!
Buy NOW & save up on Play Area & Events admission at DAZ!

This voucher is valid for 180 days from the date of purchase.
Opening Hours: Daily 3pm-12am.
No show will be considered as a used voucher.
Prior booking is required subject to availability
Ticket is non-refundable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
QiDZ is not responsible for variations in the original prices made by the merchants due to market fluctuations.
This ticket is not valid during Eid holidays and National Day.
Please follow DAZs' Instagram weekly posts for events update and information before purchasing any tickets.
Events ticket only applicable on events days

Buy NOW & save up on Play Area & Events admission at DAZ!

Full Day Soft Play Admission

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Ticket valid for 1 child up to 8 years old. Access to soft play area for full day. ... Read More
SAR 115SAR 89

Events Ticket - Weekends (Friday-Saturday) + Full Day Access

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Ticket valid for 1 child up to 8 years old. Admission to 1 DAZ event during weekends. Please follow DAZs' Instagram weekly posts on Tuesdays for events update and information. ... Read More

Activity Description

DAZ is a unique concept where children can play, learn and celebrate. The play area includes an arts and crafts station, a monkey clubhouse and a lego station for your little ones to enjoy their stay! Mum can enjoy refreshments and free WiFi while the kids play!


Dania Abdullaziz

عجبني الفرع بنظافتو واهتمامهم وانبسطو اولادي جداً

Rofa Juhani

رائع ونظيف

Donia H

thank u

Salha Labban

ممتاز جدا و نظيف و ممتع للطفل جدا

Rofaida A . Faraj




Lamis Khan


Nvr Mind


Ghaydaa Abduh

منظم ونظيف ساكرر الزياره استمتعنا

Rasha Su

روعهههه واكثر

Amani Sa


Hawazin Bin Julian


عبير السادات

جددا جميل

taghreed abdullah


mwaddah Almohammadi


Mohmmad Hshbool

ممتااااااز جدا وانشطة ترفيهية واهتمام بسلامة الاطفال ونظافة ومكان متنوع في الالعاب وافضل شي انه مناسب الى سن تسع سنوات او عشر سنوات فقط

وفاء الغامدي

رائع ونظيف

Anoud Salman

رائع وممتع والموظفين بشوشين 😍

ابرار الجهني

جميلة جدا

Ayah Ferag


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