Maeen Educational Values Program

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< 2-13+ yrs
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Activity Description

Maeen Program is the first electronic educational service to inculcate values ​​for children aged 2-15 years, under the supervision of Dr. Jassim Al-Mutawain. The program aims to help parents raise their children all over the world, as you can participate in the program no matter where you are located. The program covers 52 educational values per year and makes them available to the subscriber week by week, based on child's age. A specialized team will be available and ready to help your child in understanding any of the given values should you need extra support. A complete record of the child's progress and completion of the program is made available to parents so you can always go back to the learnings and review with your child, even if the subscription period is over. Take a look at their website for pricing and more information on the different packages offered.


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