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This unique museum offers art lovers and all visitors the opportunity to admire the art collections and temporary exhibitions hosted and organized by the museum, and also participate in the museum’s regular program and workshops. In this stunning museum, you can visit exhibitions and view permanent collections by renowned artists. You can explore the history of the region through the fascinating masterpieces of local painters and Arab artists who have significantly enriched the Arab art scene. Explore the museum that brings into light the silent beauties of various mediums and expressive techniques that will spur your imagination. Throughout the year, the museum holds a variety of temporary exhibitions and art events. The Art Library embraces over 4000 titles in Arabic, English and other languages, along with visual and audio materials.


I was really blown away by this museum when i first went six months ago. The collection was stunning. Though my recent visit wasn't quite as impressive as some of the pieces changed, I'd still give it five stars given it's status as a true gem of Sharjah (plus free entry!).... Read more
Melanie s

Free of charge. Lockers downstairs. Air is conditioned. Exposition is quite impressive. We spent there 1,5 hours and wouldn't leave

N Vlasova

This museum has a place of its own when it comes to art and ancient civilization. Showcasing the life of ancient people of Persia and their ways of livelihood. The paintings are really spectacular both in terms of meaning and acknowledgement.

Abhinav Aji

This place is a gem. I guess tourism in UAE isn't focused in art, that's why entrance is free, but to be honest I would gladly pay an entry fee for a visit there! On the first floor you can find modern art mainly from Arab artists, while on the second paintings related to the Arabic world from Arab and non Arab artists.

Andreas N

Love this place. It always seems to be free of charge, but I would definitely pay if I had to! A really interesting permanent collection with a diverse range of art works, but also unusual exhibitions. None of your Picasso's, Modigliani's, etc., but great art nonetheless. The current - until Dec 2021 - Hans Christian Andersen exhibition is well worth a visit, with plenty of hands-on exhibits. Great if you are familiar with his work. Other exhibitions we have seen are also very high quality. Lovely and peaceful - a wonderful resource.

Gavliz Weaver

Good Place for art lovers

Jithin KG

we came 20 min before it closes they did not let us in , i like the place but its small and i came all the way from Abu Dhabi

zero black

Good place and well good organized

Mohammed Ghalib Al Taleb

A great place to spend a couple of hours. We visited it during the Sharja art festival. It was a great experience especially for our kids who are interested in art as they love to draw using different mediums. The old souq is across the street. You can buy some traditional pots and items.

Sawsan Af

Nice experience.. Nice artworks.. I liked it

Ahmad Kadi

Interesting exhibits. Friendly staff. Admission free. Spent 1.5 hours wandering around.

Cheryl Lumley

Excellent place to explore and spend time in the sunset time. free entrance. recommend to visit during Sharjah binnale. Great art works!

Zara fathima

It is an excellent museum for art lovers. The entrance with wooden door. The museum is fascinating and everyone stay typically for an hour. .. The upper floor had more traditional oil paintings on canvas and wood. ..collection in the museum is very good and I think it's worth visiting. Finally entry is kept free. ...

NiThIn KaRtHiKeYaN
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