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Behind al Manara Centre, lies a little hidden gem known as Safa Park 2. It is a quaint community park with lots of shaded play areas, patches of green grass, sandpits, jogging and cycling track and a football pitch. It is a manageable size and fenced in, so especially great for younger kids and ones who like to wander- they can’t get far! Bring the kids bikes or scooters too- it has winding paths and a hill- and best part is, there’s always another kid ready to do a scooting obstacle course or race. There's also a small kiosk selling ice candies and refreshments - a great treat for the hotter months. They are doing temperature checks at the gate, but steer clear around 4pm which tends to be rush hour.


One of the best parks in town easy parking cosy place with many playgrounds and clean toilets very convenient with kids and families... Read more
randa bayzid

One of the best parks in dubai , well maintained.

Mohamed Habeeb

It was the best park of Dubai in my opinion. Not too big, calm, lot of playgrounds, shades, toilets, water fountains, basketball court ect… perfect park for birthday parties and playdates… But the central café& toys shop closed and it’s such a shame… no more cheap toys, 1dhs rides, karak tea, chips& ice cream 😓. The vibe is quite sad now without it… I hope someone else gonna re-open the business soon!

Mrn Brbn

Suitable for gathering. Nice place. Near to toilet. Parking easy.

Ahmad Fairuz

Small but suitable .. better to visit it during weekdays .. parking near the main gate .. kids area is nice and everything is close enough no matter where u sit ... It is cool


Really big park Awesome place for picnic. They have playgrounds as well for the kids and it is connected to the beach.

Ruhina Halai

So much fun, clean and small enough you can keep the kids safe

Kelly Blane

It's a very nice area for kids to play with a lots of different outdoor games and picnics. Adults too can go for resting. One can stay even late in the night though not sure if they allow to stay too late

joy Sebacwa

Great place to hang out with family. My kid really enjoy the place. Ample car parking available. There are playing courts also nearby.

dhanesh panicker

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ayyan malik

If was good place but could have been better

Usha Arya

The park it's self is really fun wth this three different areas. Also they have nice events, but the people in the canteen aren't the nicest

Shamsa AlZarouni

Serene. Just what you need in the concrete jungle

Sophia Ahmed

A fantastic place with just the right size to keep an eye with your little one and have a chit chat with mums.

Sheryl Maxwell

Good football pitch you can book for football with the security

salem salem

Very good place in this area. You can relax and enjoy good variety of refreshments while your kids can enjoy playing in park .free parking is available also toilets are clean and also toilet for special need people available. Wheelchair access is available.

Sadiq Jan

Nice park, petite but everything is there

derkins logistics

Pretty good place for kids and adults to unwind

Johnson Varghese

Best park around this area, great selection of play equipment paths for scooters and space to just play. Good refreshments available. Some organised sports stuff going on also. Could do with more shade as equipment can get hot but some is shaded which is good.

Jon Marsh

A very nice place for family sports time with courts for football, Volley, and basket ball .

Haytham Ayoub

3 separate playground areas. Loads of trees for shade and an onsite for drinks and snacks if needed.


Very nice. Place for enjoy with family

basheer nittoor

Small park for the very young children. Good for the community nearby.

Mahdi Alfardan

Small neighborhood park with few amenities like basketball and tennis court, sand pit with swings and slides, snack store and restrooms. Nice place to spend family afternoon

Senad Mekić

No Entrance fee. Small but clam and best park around the area. Good for the near by villas. Park has a snack corner, slides, couple bench and kids play area as well.

Jackson Thomas
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