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With a breathtaking view of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains, Burj Park is the most picturesque place to set up your picnic. Although there aren't vast facilities, there are loads of cafes and restaurants over on the mall side. Keep your eyes peeled as well for the NOON refreshment cart- an automated vending machine that makes its way through the park. Around the park, there's a great running track stretching over five kilometres and a Kids Train- which you pay per trip. Bring the kids down with their scooters - you can scoot around to the mall or lay out your picnic rug on the expansive green and watch on as they burn off their energy.


This place needs no introduction. This place also has the fastest lift in the world, we reached the 125th floor in 60 seconds sharp. The view from the top was breathtaking to say the least. As we visited during prime time, we saw the sunset and once the lights came out, the view of the Dubai city and its skylines from the top was mesmerizing.... Read more
ritwik sen

The Burj Khalifa Park by Emaar offers a stunning urban oasis at the base of the iconic tower. With meticulously landscaped gardens, vibrant flora, and captivating water features, the park provides a serene escape in the heart of the bustling city. The design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding architecture, creating a harmonious environment for visitors to relax and unwind. The well-maintained pathways, coupled with breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa, make it an ideal spot for leisurely strolls. Overall, Emaar's Burj Khalifa Park is a testament to thoughtful urban planning, offering a refreshing retreat amid the urban landscape.

Anatoly Fomin

Best place to enjoy, the water show (starts at 6.00pm, every 30 minitues). And there is a wonderful light show as well. There are many restaurants in front of the water park. Food prices are a little bit more expensive than the other places. But the food is nice.

Danushka Ekanayaka

Beautiful place. Incredibly motivating that stands as a greatest testimony to human intent and resolve. Standing in the middle of a desert in a country that was poor just about 30 years ago now an example of human resolve in politics is not involved. Extremely happy we visited this place to see so many nationals from every part of earth.

Varakumar Siddavatam

This captivating spectacle takes place directly beneath the majestic Burj Khalifa, nestled between the towering Burj Khalifa and the opulent Dubai Mall. The realm of entertainment that unfolds before your eyes is boundless, leaving you in awe of the harmonious dance between water and music. To ensure an optimal vantage point, it is advisable to arrive promptly by 5:30, allowing you to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing display. This enchanting experience is not only a feast for the senses but also a gift to your wallet, as it is entirely complimentary. As the evening unfolds, at approximately 6 o'clock (subject to variation), the performance commences, gracefully captivating your attention for a duration of approximately 5 to 7 minutes. Should you desire to indulge in the culinary delights on offer while basking in the fountain's splendor, an array of charming cafes awaits your presence. Rest assured, you are welcome to savor delectable cuisine while being enthralled by the spectacle. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary and pleasurable encounter, as seating is not provided during the performance, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this unforgettable experience.

Suresh Sukumar

An epic experience at fountain show at the base of Burj Khalifa. Beautiful open air walking space for kids and families. Ongoing hourly entertainment with lovely dancing fountains and laser show on Burj can never leave a boring moment. The best way to access is through boulevard P1 car park and walk upstairs to the site. Consider going around the boat or just walk. Beautiful way to spend the eve esp in this weather. Food is only at the other end where you enter the Dubai mall

Jawad Bashir

Standing next to this building and watching it up-close was a cherished moment. Don't miss the fountain show. Dubai Mall next door is also enough for a days shopping trip,catch the aquarium too inside the mall.A great fun day. At the top Burj can also be added attraction


Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. It towers over the city and resides in the prestigious Downtown development. Once an old army base, Downtown is now the jewel in Dubai’s crown, a beautiful residential and leisure area housing not only the world’s tallest building but the world’s largest fountains and mall. Wide marble sidewalks are perfect for strolling, with restaurants, art galleries, and children’s play areas. Specially commissioned sculptures line the roads and Downtown is often used as a canvas for modern art displays and community events such as Classic Car Shows and National Day parades. In the cooler months, cross one of the many bridges to the Burj Khalifa park and enjoy a picnic alongside residents and visitors, or enjoy a lunch or dinner watch the dancing fountains. Because of its mixed-use, Downtown is a fantastic place to mix with Dubai residents and locals and watch real-life unfold in a cosmopolitan environment.


Fascinating fountain display is one of the star attractions here. The crowd puller “water dance show”, starts 6pm every day. The sight is worth the watch. Visitors absolutely love the ambience here. The energetic vibe is what makes it a must visit place if you’re in Dubai. No tickets for this one.

Bikram S

Love the place. Actually most of the people used to go to Dubai Mall for watching fountain show. But I am telling you honestly once you visit Burj park and you watch fountain show from the park, you will watch from the park only next time. They have best view and not much rush, limited public so I really like the place and enough space to stand and sit. Park is also have lot of places to click some decent pictures and then Dubai opera is also here. But what I didn't like it, when I enter Dubai mall from Burj park and I parked my car also on the park side and in the evening when I was returning so then security guard has stopped me and he didn't allowed me to go to the park again.

Yawar Khan

As a tourist from Los Angeles , California you forget about the heat and enjoy the moment. Sound system great,the people eager to help,friendly and most importantly 15,20 min from airport.

jesse rodriguez

The best well laid out shopping complex in Dubai. A must see place. U would like to keep visit record for life. What a beautifully choreographed musical fountain dance.

Vinod Watts

Nice and interesting towel. If you visit on the morning you can have nice pictures of view. If you visit on the evening you can see view of all city with light and specialist show of water fountain.


I love water fountain show... It's really attractive point for all visitors. Music too cool.. Light work also awesome If you are going Dubai visit here one time Fountain show is 4 time in evening time its 6, 6:30' 7 & 7:30 But not sure about the time

Pradosh Soni

Escape the crowds from the Dubai Mall and take a nice walk in this beautiful park. The water is crystal clear and the fountains are great. At night the fountains display a show on music. It is not so easy to walk around the Burj Kalufa, but you can do a round trip along the water. Check out how alive this place is at night, when it's no longer very hot.

Taco Bakker

The best time to visit is evenings. Amazing place for shopping. All the leading brands in the world is available. Well known place for luxury shopping. The restaurants are great and fairly priced as well. Don't forget to try the Arabian tea. The highlight of the place being the dancing fountains. Oh boy. It's one hell of an experience. The water does shoot upto 150 m high in the skies. Casual tip: put your phones in pocket of you don't have a water resistant phone. Bring your special someone for a boating ride... Amazing experience...

Shahzeb Danish

Beautiful place. Got to see it in the daytime when almost no one was there. Also have to see the fountain show right after sunset. Amazing.

Jeff Killingsworth

A lovely place to sit outside and relax in the sunshine and enjoy one of the many restaurants and cafes around the fountain pool. This is also a popular place at night as the fountain pool is illuminated, as well as the nightly fountain show. The surrounding malls and Burj Khalifa are nicely lit and decorated, offering many photo opportunities and vantage points.

Brandon Costanzo

The design of the whole attraction is very futuristic, from the entrance to the elevator, to the site i.e at the top as well... I hope that they could someday take visitors to the top most floor, as things would get much surreal then. Other than that they should introduce restaurants at the attraction...

Mehdi Zaidi

Asking site, home to the world's tallest building and the largest choreographed fountain system. Truly a site of awe inspiring engineering. Part of what makes Dubai so special.

James Hogg

I write in google map Burj Park and took us to Burj Khalifa, after asking many people still we couldn’t find the park

Houria Rahimi

One of the sought after location in Dubai. You can see the fountain show from a very close view. You can also watch the LED shows displaying on the Burj Khalifa. There are beautiful landscapes around the edges. One should visit to have a close view of The Burj Khalifa and The Lake and Fountain from this park.

Aamir Usmani

Spent some time here wondering around between the mall and the Burj Khalif. The fountain show was impressive but not sure it was as amazing as I was expecting based on recommendations I’d seen/received. Some good photo opportunities of the Burj Khalif. I’m fairly certain it’s the only place I found where I could capture the whole building on my phone camera.

Tim Fitzsimmons

Nice walk around There are still some construction going on, but its starting to take shape. I walked from the boulevard by Dubai Mall, past Burj Khalifa, past The Dubai Opera, into the park, and out at the boulevard again. Very nice work, took half a hour, walking slow

Henrik Vinding Kirkegaard

Nice place to shop when all the international brands are around. It is quite connected with metro, has good space for car parking if not then cabs are easily available. Inside the mall they have e-cars to mobile around but mostly it's for family ride and not singles. Anyway it's a nice place to be around and good place for all shopaholic

alex jacob

The fountain with music is always a place one get to relax and feel the same. The view of Burj Khalifa is soothing too.

Najadh Beeran

loved the wind on top of burj. lovely city view. floor 125 is not really worth . it's a shopping place. real fun and view is 124. for pictures as well.

Krishna G

Burj Park is a little island in Burj Lake or primarily located within the Downtown Dubai. It was ideally designed for high end range of corporate events and exhibitions. Prices are therefore higher than Dubai average however worth visiting since very quiet and clean. Many good restaurants and coffees on site and a valet parking as usual in Dubai.

Seaview Flat Marina Golf

Market OTB was in during one of my visits and I had a great time. Well organised event with great stalls and food trucks. Great place to relax at night and watch the water show and listen to music.

Justin Donnelly

a great park in the centre of downtown, love the place specially when they got an open market going on..... :) lots of food items and kids games. u can enjoy more in cool weather rather in hot one. it comes alive in night. view from armani hotel balcony is just awesome. loved the visit.

Vishal Aggarwal

Offering unobstructed views of Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain, Burj Park is a 11,300 square metre lawn that accommodates thousands of guests. The park was designed for a range of events, including banquets, weddings, concerts and product launches, but it also makes the perfect family destination if you want to picnic with a view. You can also cycle around the area, with bicycles available to hire at the park entrance

Naveen Kumar Maregowda

A great park in the centre of Downtown. More geared up for events and markets than for families or every day walking. When there’s an event, such as Market OTB, this place is amazing!

Anton Balchin

Love this place specially when they got an open market going on ... plenty of food trucks and kids activities. Ensure you go at a time when the weather is cool and preferably avoid sunny days as it can get very warm... kids enjoy the place. Best is to park by the opera

Yasser Al Yousuf

Great place to watch the new year's eve show. Be sure to arrive early, we were there 8 hours before. They set up restaurants, toilets and emergency facilities, and hired a DJ, so the wait will be fine.

Øyvind Harding Gulbrandsen

Simply exhilarating experience! Excellent surrounding. Absolutely neat and clean. Dubai Fountains are always as fresh as ever

vijay kapur

It is an incredible residential cum tourist complex that is well built and maintained. It is well managed. The visit to Burj Khalifa is slightly expensive but worth doing. The view from above is breathtaking. Makes you admire the effort that went into building it. It is quite popular with the crowds. But no food items are allowed at the top.

chaitanya sethi

During new years eve free access for family members. Had a fun time and enjoyed. Beautiful park and the fountain view.

Jinson Jose

Visited the park as part of a honeymoon stay & thoroughly enjoyed it. It really comes alive at night. Try & get a table by the balcony in the Armani hotel restaurant. Our guide made sure we had the best seats in the house & we loved the food, the ambiance & the atmosphere. Would highly recommend a visit.

A Carter

It’s beautiful at night. Best time to go when the sky is clear. Also a great view of the water fountain (dance and lights). Get the package that comes with tea. You’ll enjoy it.

Nadia Javaid

It is a place to visit atleast once in a life time. The water fountain show is awesome

AhmedJamil Syed

Very good place for walking ;nice sceneries of building &highest viewing gallery

sabeena salim

Absolutely beautiful! Got there at 6am and t was empty! Got some really good pictures as the sun was just coming up and the lights for the bridge were still on. Never got to see the fountain in working order though and at this point there is a lot of construction going on.

Leann Vreeman

Wow. It’s wonderful and Beautiful place. No wonder it’s one of the best tourist attraction place Dubai

Brijesh Patel Harcourts Manukau

Beautiful place to hang out and have fun with your family. Had an awesome time meeting people of different cultures and the playground is huge.

Jeffrey Rodriguez

Nice place it's better to go at night and during winter days. You will definitely enjoy

haider khan

Great place to walk at night in downtown Dubai with all the great shows around.

Maria Hili

Exquisitely beautifull and just a joy to watch. Easy to reach with the big bus hop on and hop off.

Steven Coetzee

Very nice place for outing.. we can have great view of of burj khalifa, opera house, fountain and more skyscrapers located in downtown.. there are cycles availbe for rent for those who love to ride bicycle. Abra boating also available.

syed irfan

Ultimate destination to visit ,highest viewing gallery. Most important thing you must see before you book your visit is check visibility, best time is after rain when no sand particles are suspended in air .High humidity also reduces visibility . From viewing gallery you can see in all directions ,there are powerful binoculars to zoom distant places , supportive staff . Wonderful experience .When you visit Dubai this is one the must place to visit

Kalindi Dave

Very nice place to hang out with friend, very nice place and very beautiful fountain with light show at the night.. Really recommend to all, never miss it while you are in Dubai.. Recommend place for short transit in Dubai..

Muhammad Fadhli

A great place to spend your morning, restaurants open for fresh air breakfast. Or you could just relax. Maybe you can have a Run for 2km with a beautiful scenery. Or take some good pictures.

Eslam el Khateeb

Man, this was the first time I've been here. What a place! People on walks, pets and a good environment. It's just brilliant! There is a small grass park to just relax. I loved my visit here with my friends. Definitely won't be my last time here!

Shreyas Gopal
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