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Al Nahda Pond is a public park with kids play area and a place to relax with the family. In Al Nahda Pond Park you can play tennis, basketball and volleyball. There's a soccer field too where your little ones can run around and let off some steam. If you like to run, the park also boasts a jogging track.


Best place in the neighbourhood for family outing and fitness. People love to do parties here. Lovely evenings during winter. Park has something for every age group. Some sale events happen. Eateries are very minimum. Excellent football basketball tennis courts.... Read more
Madhusudhan R Talluri

One of the best park I have seen so far. Good lightening everywhere and I saw some amazing and different swings comparatively from other parks. Proper places to sit and eat, you can take your food there. I think BBQ is also allowed over there. The only issue is that you have to pay for the parking.


Pond park is one of the ventures by Dubai Parks. It has a vast area with a pond in the center of the park. Playground for the kids is available with more rides compared to any other parks. Dubai flea market is available in this park for those who want to purchase. There are lawns with tables and chairs, multiple sizes and designs. While visiting, I saw two groups of people having celebrations, hanging balloons, decorating their area and having birthday props which means that we can have a small celebration gathering.

Salin Mathew

Best park in Dubai. well maintained park. Very good for family and friends , entry is free . maintained well and clean. People can do fun activities with friends and family . . Washroom available . Good Grocery shop also there. You can come and spend time easily 4-5 hours. Flay Market also on schedule date.

Dr Muhammad Shahid

Nice place and big area with trails for cycling jogging and walking. Well maintained lawns comfortable spaces for yoga and exercising, neatly cut hedges, lush green and fresh breeze with Peepal trees around.It has Football, basketball, badminton and tennis courts inside. Only thing is that the huge pond within the park which is the centre of attraction could be maintained a little more well with proper pumping out and refilling often times as it gives out a pungent and algae smell.

Himaja B

Well maintained park, good for whole family, kids have their own place to play, there's a jogging track and amidst the park is a pond with boats.

Khurram Shabbir

A cool place to spend an evening with your family. There is a jogging track and a cycling track as well. You can do some excercise while your kids can enjoy some slides and games. And also you can sit and enjoy the breeze from the pond which is in the middle of the park. There is also a store near the gate where you get all the essential things.

Emil Abraham Mathew

It is a very good place for joggers. Has a 1400 m long jogging track. Cycle lovers can rent a cycle and drive around the park.

Srinivasramanujam Mepperla

It,s really a fabulous place where we can walk and share the great experience with our friends and family I would like to recommend for everyone please come and have a walk and get healthy as well.wonder ful place.

naveed naseem

Good park and the pond is there in the middle of the park. Nice place for joggers also.

Hassan Abdul Kader

Very nice Park with all the facilities that you need along with beautiful Greenary around. You will have relaxing time.

Isaiah Karem

Love this place. I try to go here atleast twice a month over weekends. The atmosphere is very friendly.


at a very good location. neat and clean. Has a synthetic track for runners surrounding the pond. There is also a workout area. Kids play ground. Boating can also be done after paying the fees. Overall a good place for weekend outing.

Mohamed Saad Shaikhji

I visited this place out of curiosity and spent a short while here. As of 10th May '18, the place was condoned off in many parts whilst sections were being upgraded. It was the middle of the day so very quiet. I can imagine it would come to life in the evening. Paddle boats, bicycles and other leisure items were secured in their rightful places and apart from the activity of work men, only a few people and fleeting birds created any movement. The pond is a large one and the area is a haven in a residential area, especially suitable for families with young children.

Maureen Drackett

A good park for children to play in and for adults to stroll around. There are options to exercise and to go for boating. There are slides and other activities which are paid but good..

pramod pallath

A wonderful family park with a central pond surrounded by cycling and jogging tracks. There is no entry fee for families. Benches are places all around the park facing the pound. Water in the pound is crystal clear and reflects colours of sky. You can enjoy boating in the pound by buying tickets. There's a jumping castle for childern. There are rides and swings for kids in a separate park i went with my husband n 1.5 years old baby so what was inconvinient for me is that there was no grass in the swings area and sand was getting inside our shoes. Beautiful coloured flowers can be seen in flower beds, there are numerous trees and shrubs. Small pavilions with round seating are placed in the park where u can sit with your family and enjoy food or drinks that you brought from house as there are no food stalls there, just a small tuck shop is available. There is also an out gym inside the park. We also saw a family celebrating their kid's birthday party there and they brought all the decoration and food items from home. Its a beautiful park for family outing or for jogging and exercise.

Anam Yamin

A good family park in Al Nahda, this park is frequently visited by families. Has a separate kids playing area. Good decent place to spend a quite evening.

Vijay Quadras

Excellent family recreation park in the middle of Al Nahda community. Lot of activities for children and adults. Long walking and cycling track. Paid activities include cycles rental and boating. Free activities include kiddy slides, work out public machines, walk track, basketball courts and green patches to just unwind and relax. Lot of benches. Attached is a small grocery store for quick snack items. Paid parking area.

Conrad Serrao

It's an amazing lively park. Too many activities happening, still enough space to be on your own. Nice place to relax every evening amidst the bustling city streets.

Noufal Ahmed

Great park for families, Thanks to Dubai Municipality for gifting the residents of Al Nahda and Al Qusais with such a wonderful park. It has all amenities and services for kids, families, sports loving individuals. They have huge jogging and cycling track, Football, tennis, basket ball courts. Also they have boats in the huge pond, if someone wants to paddle boat or use an electric boat, they can pay nominal amount for a 20-minute ride. The minus would be the entrance has only one gate, water looks clean but because of chemical it looks green.

Syed Saad

Nice park for walking and excercise... it is a free public park.. very clean and nice atmosphere... nice place for get to gather with friends and family .. no barbecue point available.

Waheeda Sohail

It’s a nice family park. It’s got a good running and biking track. You can rent bikes too

Nishant Thankappan

Perfect for a family outing, an evening walk or a small picnic. The park is equipped with a children's play area and variety of play options. There is also a pond where boating options are available. There is a jogging path that goes through the park and also some free exercise equipment for a light workout. There are yoga groups who practice yoga and you can join the group whatever level you are at. A grocery is located at the entrance for quick snacks and a mosque across the road for prayers. Paid parking is available around the park. Since the park is located in a residential area the park can get quite crowded in the evenings.

Stephen Cherian

one of the best hangout place in this area. good for kids too. there is a play area. also nice for a morning walk or jogging.

Mathew C

Good leisure time to spend in this park. Ample space and green with pond. Kids play area is also good. Parking only is a bit difficult to get nearby. Otherwise it's a good timepass place.


I love Pond Park! It is my go-to place for a relaxing day out on a weekend. Lovely play areas, lovely pond, lovely walkways and running tracks. Fantastic place!

Naziha Haroon

Nice park with different sports facilities like tennis, soccer, basket ball and volley ball. Kids play area, THREE diff tracks for jogging n cycling. Cycle n paddle boats are available on rent. People can bring own food and eat under the umbrella. Bbq not allowed in park.

Mirza Arsalan Baig

Al Nahda Pond Park is a family-friendly facility in the Al Nahda area, an urban residential neighbourhood on the border with Sharjah. Comprising of 80,000sqm, more than 50% of the space is occupied by the large pond. The family-friendly park boasts a jogging and cycling track, gazebos for picnics and relaxing, play areas for kids and sport options such as tennis, volleyball, basketball and soccer. There are plenty of recreational activities to keep everyone occupied such as boat rides, bike hire, a mini ride and bouncy castles and exercise equipment. Whether you are looking for a place to exercise, relax or bring your kids out to play, the park has plenty of options and ample parking space.

Kashif Jat

In general I like Dubai municipality parks as all are well organized, well maintained and open for public. Different attractions can be found and suitable for all ages.

Abdelrahman Khammash

Great family park, free entry, kids playground, jogging track, bikes and roller skates track, bicycle and boat rental, exercise equipment, picnic spots. Excellent place for family outing and birthday parties. Note that for parties one should book the grounds few days in advance.

Olga Khan

Very nice place for family, you can play here, you can do gym with the equipments available in the park, also there are yoga classes in the evening. Good for family outing.

Dorson Dsilva

Heavenly! I visit this park twice a week, as it is always amazing! Must visit if you are coming to Al-Nahda 2. A stroll around the park is what you need to freshen up your mood. At the evenings, the cold breeze from the pond is refreshing. The play area is an addition to the enjoyment. Looking for a place to run in the mornings? This is the place. The running path is covered with trees on one side, while the other side is open, towards the pond. There are open grass areas for you to sit and enjoy. The boat riding is another amazing thing to try out.

Shivkanya Balamurugan

The ponds boat rides are heavenly and the playground and jogging ground are really fun for kids and parents. The park is very spacious, perfect for a short stroll to get some air or a picnic with the fam 😘

Sama Osmani

A public park with soccer, beach volley and basketball courts. Your best bet if you are trying to play one of those in Dubai. Other than that you can have a picnic here or bring children as there are attractions like inflatable castle and tricyces.

Koba Khitalishvili

A well maintained park for the residents with equipment for warm up and exercise. Also very nice walking track and cycling track around the pond. Kids play area is also equipped with nice interesting features. Overall a very nice experience

Atif Saleem

A big park with a really good crowd and also a friendly environment. Located in one of the best residential area. The football ground is very nice along with walking and cycling strips of about 1.5km. the play area is big with really fun stuff for kids.

Raj Saasa

Nice park with Cycling, jogging tracks, open gym, lawn area. Kids play area - balloon jumping, boating on pond with pedal boats. Note : NO Barbeque area! Only 1 entrance and exit - in use although there are multiple entrances but purposefully closed.

Noor Sirajudeen

A good park to exercise with many running tracks as well as a long one around the pond. Also has a football pitch, basket ball court and free entrance and parking.. great place to exercise for sure.. Great family time with kids here too... Forgot to add the tennis court too..

Daniel Kumevor

Good place for a jog or run. The track could be maintained better.

kenneth nunes

its a fun living and be fit place for all the members of the family, the exercise equipments for public use are great and always well maintained. the slides and play area for kids is super time consuming.... the greenery and pond view with the boat ride is just wonderful t...

Habeeb Asif

Very good place to have happy evening time for whole family. The park has jogging track, cycle track for fitness; basket ball, tennis and volleyball ball courts for games; play area for kids age range from 6 months to 12 yrs; jumping castle, giant slides, boat riding, tricycle rides etc..

Nageswara Rao

Just like a normal park for nearby residents... You can go jogging.. exercise and spend some leasure time here... All in all GOOD


its good family & kids park 1.5 KM synthetic track Bicycle track Health activities area there have big area for KIDS activities., and best are for relaxing ....

Sanoop Thikkodi

Small good for kids in the area.. Need more facilities

Ahmad Alrais

A free beautiful place, romantic, doing sport , and very kind for children

السويطي عبدالله

Nice place for walking,sports etc.There is a synthetic track around a pond.Also playing options for children.No entry fee.

Shahul Hameed

One of the best public parks in Dubai. Have a 1350 metre jogging track, a big pond, rest areas, separate play area for children, parking etc... open until 11 pm during week days and until 12am at weekends

Muhammed Shereef

Good place for walking with kids. Big sand playground for kids. Might be crowded during evening time on the weekend.

Maria Erdyneeva

Place was for both kids and adults who want to stay fit and healthy and for those people who just want to have some quality time together. Bike track is provided as well as a place to jog.. Tables are also provided for people who want to just hang out and have a picnic. There are also tennis, volleyball and basketball court which can be used for a reasonable price. One thing I just didn't like much is the comfort rooms which need to be well maintained.

Reina Lim

Best Park within locality of Al Nahda 2 Area... When the weather is good and you're looking for somewhere to play sport, head over to Al Nahda Pond Park. Here you can play tennis, basketball and volleyball. There's a soccer field too, where your little ones can run around and let off some steam. If you like to run, the park also boasts a jogging track. The large pond is also worth a look, as it covers more than half of the park. Admission Cost is Free. Location of Al Nahda Pond Park is right on the boarder to Sharjah and Dubai. This beautiful Park represents a perfect location for family get togethers as well.

Mazher Abbas Khan
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