Town Square Park

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There is something at Town Square Park for the whole family. Enjoy the open air and chill in the cool air and green areas at the Town Square Park. There's a great playground too right next to the field and which is set just meters from Caya, the modern, chic cafe. Not only are there regular community activities in the Square, you can also experience the carousel, Splash Pad and Kids' Train all for an extra charge, but for a fun afternoon for the family. It has good flat paths so it is suitable for all types of wheels.


This isn't all free. Town Square can offer a large bit of grass to run around and fountains to use for free. The children's climbing area is chargeable, sadly. So are the train, carousel and splash pad. You can run in the fountains for free though so take a change of clothes and money for a yogurt ice cream from Candylicious 😋... Read more
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