Sharjah Fort (Al Hisn)

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Activity Description

Step inside this historic landmark to learn about the modern history of Sharjah, the ruling family, the history of the fort, the historic defense strategies, and Sharjah’s day-to-day life 196 years ago. The Fort is a square-shaped construction, featuring a spacious yard in the middle. It consists of two main floors and three towers built for defensive purposes. When first built in 1823, it was considered the biggest and most important construction in Sharjah. As you explore the rooms of the fort, you will come across a wide collection of photographs and historical artifacts.


Small museum but very nice. Walk one street over and you can see the Sharjah Wall which is impressive... Read more
KirkandMimi Fisher

Lovely place full of history very well organized. All indoor rooms have ÀC with original documents, weapons and belongings of the can also visit the jail and Sheikh sitting area and bedroom. Large yard with sitting area under the tree and access by stairs or elivator to 1st floor. Toilets on ground floor and paid parking on main road.

Gilbert Hajjar

Our experience today was amazing! Special thanks to Mr. Abdurahman, Ms. Mona and all the Hisn team. The programme was designed wonderful for the kids "maze" tour where we visited different galleries. A fort passport to be stamped, a wordsearch to reveal a secret word, a quiz and prize spinner and finally painting a model of Al Hisn. Thank you so much for hosting us 13 kids today.

Abier Issa

Sharajah Fort is one of Sharjah's historical places to visit with family. Currently, the entry is free for all, till june as i know from the security. RTA parking is available on the outside as all-day parking, including holidays. Entry is located where the cannons are placed, and some sort of fancy items can be purchased from the office. There is lot's of rooms with different items that are placed to visit. Open area is placed for watching the shows and photos, and custom arabic costumes for men and women are available there to take photos. 1st floor has some more rooms to visit taking photos. All the rooms are air conditined.


Well worth a visit, and the staff could not have been nicer.

Pelle Vehreschild

This was a great place you can walk around to learn about the history of Sharjah and there’s a place to sit and rest cost for a ticket per person is 10 AED, if you want to see the other 3 nearby museums it is 15 AED. Its not crowded so if you’re looking for solitude this place is for you.

Sudha Varanasi

Sharjah Fort / Al Hisn is really worth of visit if you wanna understand a bit history of Sharjah and the way of life of its rulers. With joint ticket (20 aed adults, 10 ead children) you can visit three other nearby museums. My recommendations.

Hannu Toivanen

Nice little Historical Place...gud to hangout if u love history😍

Rana Tahir Tasadduq

It had a cute and authentic look for the photo shoot, but I couldn't visit it because I was late. It is among the places I will go again because seeing historical things makes me happy.

Yasen Ya

Must visit In UAE. Alhisn Or Sharjah for is part of the Ancient Persia. it is among the 24 forts from ancient time

Jithin KG

Sharjah Fort offers you the opportunity to learn about the modern history of Sharjah, the ruling family, the history of the fort, the defense methods and Sharjah’s everyday life 200 years ago.

Think Wisely

Beautiful piece of arbian architecture. A mjst visit to understand Arabian culture and evolution of Arab and their business strategies. N1kt a crowded place i fact we were the only family touring this museum then.

Rahul Verma

Average place. you wont find a lot of artifacts but one can hav a glimpse into the history of the Emirate of Sharjah. They used to have amazing music and light show annually, earlier, which has continuously gone from bad to worse, year to year.

Urban Tribal

Al HISN fort museum is situated on the center of HISN Avenue. It’s one of the oldest museum which has been built by coral stones in olden days. It has been renovated with the stones and concrete to give strength to the wall. We can see the historical monuments and pictures at this calm and quiet.

Anand p g

A neat way to get a sense of Sharjah’s history. Interesting exhibits. They have headsets for extra information which I recommend.

Cheryl Lumley
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