Sharjah Calligraphy Museum

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Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of creativity and splendor to learn about the evolution of Arabic calligraphy over the years. Watch the journey through beautiful portraits depicting stunning calligraphic texts, letters and shapes. The museum showcases fascinating masterpieces and distinctive paintings by local and international artists and calligraphers. The museum holds many exhibitions in attempt to embrace the beauty and charm of the Arabic calligraphy, and raise public awareness on the importance of preserving this civilized legacy. The artworks displayed here highlight the masterly talents of local and international artists and calligraphers; their paintings, meticulously created, carry deep meanings and a valuable historical background.


#sharjah art museum is wonderful . u must visit there... Read more
Mirza Haseeb Muhammad

I came for the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial and it was a wonderful exhibition. The venue is very nicely maintained and the layout is interesting with the different buildings throughout. I'd recommend checking it out for sure!

Jaime Brown

• Parking spots availability: 5/10, Not always available and it might be hard to find a parking spot in the morning. • Staff Expertise: 9/10, Amazingly polite and well experienced staff. • General Atmosphere: 10/10, Despite its small size it has some fascinating calligraphy art that will take you to an old era of beauty of the words. • Cleanliness: 10/10, Probably the cleanest museum i have been to. • Handicap Accessibility: 9/10, they have prepared ramps and wheelchairs to help you in and out. •• Total score •• 43/50

Firas Abu Taleb

Sharjah Calligraphy Museum is one part of (joint ticket) history trip in Sharjah. Calligraphy work are comparatively new. But an interesting extra was open doors to an Emirati artist Najat Makki's exhibition. In pics some of her works, too.

Hannu Toivanen

Interesting for calligraphers. Lots of pieces of exhibition from Turkish Calligraphers. Atmosphere is nice

A. Emirhan ÜNAL

I wasn't impressed because I'm not a fan of calligraphy. However, if you have an interest in calligraphy and Arabic, you should definitely visit this place.

Varun Poladiya

Tiny but tastefully arranged, beautiful examples of Arabic calligraphy in different scripts. As usual in Sharjah museums, nice and welcoming staff.

Daniel Jurado

Beautiful place in where you can learn and appreciate calligraphy as an expression and art. The galleries sum up a nice and outstanding work for local and visitor artist. Don't hesitate to ask for a tour, the guides are really well prepared.

Carla Redondo

There is something missing!!

F.T.Eng.Ashraf Omer

The art within this museum is worth seeing. A must see site

Syed Abdul Hasib

Great concept but needs attention to realize it's potential. Currently feels like a neglected project.

Jaber Mohammad

An excellent institute!

najia shuaib

This place is worth to visit. (museum ).

Priti kavishwar

While the museum is small in general as area but it offers a lot of information about Arabic Calligraphy. Journey with this pure Islamic art from the past till now, also the museum offers free workshops and host some activity of the Sharjah Islamic Art festival, entrance fee is very cheap and free for kids as most of the cultural places in Sharjah, all family members will enjoy the visit and also the walk around the area.

Muhammad Ali

Great Calligraphy (Arabic) Museum and Surrounding Awesome in Heritage Area The Museum itself is small but contains a lot of information about Arabic Calligraphy. The tools and the method used for Calligraphy were also on display. There are also free workshops every week on Arabic Calligraphy so if it interests you you could check with the Museum Authorities and plan your trip accordingly. There is also a book on the Arabic Calligraphy which is on display and the title is currently available for Free. Overall a good place to visit for Calligraphy lover and the surrounding is a heritage area and the place and sight is awesome and a must visit if you are in Sharjah. It is very close to the Shopping area / Rolla Park.

Mohammed Sajid
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