Natural History & Botanical Museum

dubai, Explore The City
< 0-13+ yrs
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person<= 12 years
person>= 12 years
AED 15
AED 15.0

Activity Description

Broaden your kids understanding of their environment at Sharjah Natural History & Botanical Museum. The museum has displays of fossils, meteorites, taxidermic displays of rare animals and desert ecosystems. They will explore the timeline of plant life from million years ago to the present time in an interesting theoretical and practical way. The museum also shows the importance of plants to humans and other creatures since the old ages. You will see a good variety of flora and fauna of the Arabian Peninsula. The kids will also learn about animals, insects and marine life at this fascinating museum. Also, animal lovers will enjoy the Children's Farm where kids can interact with farm animals and learn about the desert habitats in the flora halls.


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