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Mine Stamp - For Clothes & Books

dubai, Explore The City
< 0-13+ yrs
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Activity Description

The alphabet stamp is the easiest to customize on the web: It contains an entire alphabet with repeated letters, so you don't miss any! The phrase that motivates you the most and makes you smile, the name of your children accompanied by their course and class so that they can mark all their clothes and books, the name of the grandfather who is going to the residence, random letters for your crafts … Your telephone, your e-mail and even the name of your company if you have just started and you are in trouble! Key Features: Can be used on all absorbent fabrics such as cotton, polyester, et; The stamping is perfectly legible up to 50 items of washing at approximately 86°F, 25 items of washing at 140°F, and 10 items of washing at 194°F; Customize your stamp by adding your own photo; Non-toxic, wash-resistant textile ink makes marking your belongings easy and fast.


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