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Kids at the Patio Children's Fashion

dubai, Explore The City
< 0-8 yrs
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Activity Description

Kids at the Patio see children and baby's fashion as something playful that can help children to experiment! In their online shop, you will find a clothes selection for children from 0 months up to 8 years, in a playfulness and effortless style with the best quality at affordable prices. They also offer unique and beautiful rattan Baby Gifts Baskets for newborns too, with swaddles, mittens and socks, hats, bonnets and all necessary for the first months. Besides all these, they have their own Sustainable Bags Project, The Patio Bags made of recyclable plastic. The bags are beautiful, colorful and very durable and makes them perfect for sharing mums and daughters, all while supporting the social responsibility of recycling, reusing and reducing.


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