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The popular ballet classic "The Nutcracker," with its enthralling charm, will be presented at Dubai Opera in December from December 15–17, 2023. The show, which will be presented by Kazakhstan's Ballet Theatre and State Opera Orchestra in Astana, is expected to take viewers to a fantastical realm where fantasies come true. Every note played by the orchestra tells a story of amazement, bravery, and magic. Attendees will travel through captivating realms with young Clara, meeting a cast of memorable characters along the way, as snowflakes dance and toy soldiers parade. Perfect for young and old alike, this performance of "The Nutcracker" promises to be a delightful holiday treat, fusing the melodies of the State Opera Orchestra with the dance of the Ballet Theatre.


Great venue with many amenities for show goers. The theater is big and very nicely designed with great acoustics for music and sound. The lounges are available in all floors and they are good as well, the interior of the venue is amazing as well. There is parking for the venue which adds a lot to ease of access. The outside areas of the venue are big and you can catch the fountain show .... Read more
Mahmoud Doughlas

Any concert in Dubai Opera is a beautiful experience. Well arranged and picked events. Soul feeding moments are guaranteed. I visit the Dubai opera every time i need to have an escape and mind relaxing in this busy world.

Ina Nalbandian

Dubai Opera is a modern masterpiece. Strongly recommend to go for this wonderful venue tour. There is an interesting story behind each and every object. Such an amazing feeling to be inside of the same building hosted worldwide known mega stars and to be a part that unique atmosphere.

Ir Ki

Design: The structure was beautifully built. Amazing ambience. The design, the feel of the place was good. Staff: I don't want to sound racists. Philipino staff extremely rude and impolite. However, the staff from Africa were very helpful and friendly.

Yousuf Fidaali Burhani

The opera experience all socially distanced. It was very well managed and seats were managed to ensure that no one was sitting too close. Very impressed. In such uncertain times it was great to see that you are still able to go out and enjoy a show in a safe environment Show was great and had loads of fun.

Puja Gujral

Very beautiful structure.... Adjacent to water body... Gives a breath taking view during nights.... Well submitted in the posh Dubai mall area

Konamaneti Sreenivasa Reddy.

Wonderful place to visit and to walk around it's distrcit towards the Dubai Mall, we went to a comedy night and enjoyed it

Suhail Sufi

Very confusing parking situation. They make you walk all around the opera to get to any location in the opera. I guess that's th e design so u see the whole architecture. I guess it a good thing for them. Not so good for people who avoid walking. It's a symbol of grandeur at its best. Everyone should experience it atleast once

Omar Sikander

Wow .... amazing experience of Iftar dinner in Ramadan. Food was delicious and ambiance was fantastic. I had a great time with friends.

Ali Ashfaq

beautiful opera house. We visited back in March and enjoyed it very much. It would be great for Dubai to have more often international opera production in town.

Markus Brodmann

A gorgeous venue hosting high-quality performances, Dubai Opera is one of the best places in the city to spend the evening. There is wide of variety of shows here--classical, ballet, opera, musical theatre, modern dance, pop--and it's easy to buy tickets online. The bar serves small snacks and drinks, although the intervals are brief. The best bathrooms (with the most stalls) are on the ground floor. Parking is plentiful with both paid and free options. There are a number of restaurants in walking distance of the opera.

AB Heintz

A stunning theatre. Just walking past the outside is testimony enough to the splendour of the architecture. It struck me that the inner and outer design might have been inspired by some nautical themes. A tribute to the arts, akin to other world class theatres, a visit is highly recommended.

Juandré Scheepers

A great place for a memorable night however the management should really focus on ticketing because it’s a joke, we paid for the platinum class and for the first part of the show everything was great however when the next part started, people with normal tickets started flocking in to the platinum seats and the might even take your seat if you went for a break. It’s a mess really because no one checks their tickets. So a tip for you there if you’re looking to attend an event just buy a normal ticket and sneak to the platinum seats and no one from the dubai opera staff will hold you accountable.

Mayed Almeheri

Amazing place. First time we went was during the Lea Salonga show. The show sold out quick amd we managed to snag tickets at the back. It did not matter because the audio design is out of this world. It was truly an enjoyable experience. From parking to navigating our way to the seats, through watching the show and finally to was smooth and enjoyable. Highly rated!

Ry Clark Media Arts
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