Dubai Butterfly Garden

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Limited time only!
Visit the World's largest covered butterfly garden & see how butterflies evolve through each stage! Offer also valid on weekends & public holidays. Children up to 2 years old enter for free. Child tickets: 3yrs to 12yrs old
5 AED cashback

*Ticket cannot be cancelled and is non refundable in any circumstances
*People of Determination and Children from 2 years old are considered as FREE
*Outside food, drinks and smoking is not permitted
*Balls, Scooters, Bicycles and pets are not allowed
*Non-smoking zones to be strictly followed
*Flower picking is STRICTLY not allowed
*Opening and closing timings should be observe strictly
*Taking photos for the butterflies is allowed. However, please ask any staff for assistance.
*Touching the butterfly wings is prohibited. Children should be supervised by their parents/guardians.
*Dubai Butterfly Garden reserves the right to change park timings, to temporarily close shows, attractions for the purpose of safety, maintenance without prior notice or any compensation
*Timings: Sunday - Saturday 9am-6pm
*Last ticket sold 1 hour before closing time

Visit the World's largest covered butterfly garden & see how butterflies evolve through each stage! Offer also valid on weekends & public holidays. Children up to 2 years old enter for free. Child tickets: 3yrs to 12yrs old

Butterfly Garden - Dubai

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Discover the home to 15000 colorful butterflies in custom-built domes.... Read More

Activity Description

Wander through the custom-built domes, home to 35,000 different species of butterflies! A great place to experience nature indoors during the hotter months. Enjoy the Butterfly Museum, with hand-craft designs made by thousands of Butterflies from different parts of the world, see the beautiful Koi Fish in different colors & sizes located at the Koi Pond, and enjoy a selection of educational movies & animations at the Kids Cinema. There's also a cafe serving Starbucks coffee and refreshments at the entry to the Garden. A great place to bring the younger kids. It's quiet and lots to engage their senses. Easy to navigate with a stroller too.


nice place to visit and see many types of butterflies 🦋... Read more
Abdullatif alghamdi

حديقه جميله في دبي تفتح في الشتاء سوف اذهب لها الأسبوع القادم

عنود الشحي

Best experience at this place. We loved watching and catching and enjoying company of all butterflies. It was very much peaceful and calm place to be. Full of greenery and butterflies, it was difficult to leave that place and come out.

Navneet Kour

I recently paid the AED 55 admission fee for the Butterfly Garden in Dubai, hoping for an enchanting experience surrounded by diverse and vibrant butterfly species. However, the reality was far from my expectations. The first letdown was the limited variety of butterflies. For the price paid, one would anticipate a wide array of species showcasing nature's beauty. Regrettably, this was not the case. The lack of diversity significantly impacted the overall allure of the garden. Furthermore, the absence of basic facilities like washrooms was unexpected and inconvenient. Visitors, especially families with young children, depend on such amenities for a comfortable experience. The oversight of this basic necessity was disappointing. Moreover, the unsettling sight at the entry point—an emporium displaying photos constructed from deceased butterflies—cast a shadow over the intended serene ambiance of the garden. While eateries were available inside, they couldn't compensate for the overall underwhelming experience. In conclusion, the Butterfly Garden fell short of delivering a worthwhile experience for the cost. Enhancements in butterfly variety, provision of essential amenities, and a more thoughtful approach to exhibits would significantly improve the appeal of this otherwise promising attraction.

charlez john

A nostalgic journey.... spend enough time in the first room to know Bitterflies well and in the remaining 3 rooms, spend time with nature. Very nice relaxing music. Always pay attention to the pathways also, as butterflies sometimes like to relax on the pathways as well. Be ready & steady to receive them on your hands! Staff is amazing. Total time can be spent around 2 to 3 hours.

Satyaprakash Jaisinghani

Dubai Butterfly Garden's indoor oasis was a delight to explore, offering a mesmerizing display of vibrant butterflies. The cleanliness of the environment added to the charm, creating a pleasant atmosphere for visitors. While the majority of the butterflies showcased their beauty gracefully, it was disheartening to observe a few with damaged wings. It reminded me of the delicate nature of these creatures and the challenges they face. One aspect that could be improved was the level of staff activity. A more proactive staff presence could enhance the overall experience, providing assistance and enriching the educational aspect of the visit. Despite these observations, the Dubai Butterfly Garden remains a captivating spot to witness the wonders of these delicate creatures in an indoor haven.

Bibek Maharjan

A very colourful and educational visit learning about the butterflies. First 2 areas you can walk about with the butterflies and some of them will even land on you. The 3rd area has the bigger butterflies but you can't touch them. The sight is beautiful with them all flying around you. Lots of great photo opportunities.

Christina Walker

Alaa Kilani


nice place to spend with family & butterflies

islam karam

Mandy Sanger

المكان وايد حلو وانصح تودون عيالكم بس المكان مب كبير

alia kazim


Paula Oviedo

my kids love this place.


Great experience with lots of fun!

Vanitha Cutinho

I recommend to everyone to visit this place at least once, it will open for you new side of nature. I could see butterflies so close to me like never before, you can touch them and feed, make a picture and playing with them. You can see the biological life cycle of butterflies. Indoor garden with huge varieties of butterflies. You can be very close to nature like have never been before, and it’s magic as we are in Dubai. And always good to buy tickets in advance.


Great experience. Taking an hour to explore thisnplace is good enough. I would definitely recommend visiting if looking to do something inexpensive and not time consuming. It's great place for visiting alone, or with kids, even for dates. You will get to experience holding butterflies and butterflies just flying and sitting on you. It's wonderful. ⚠️ If you are afraid of butterflies flying around then this place is not for you

Disha Islam

We were there with our little child, we enjoyed a lot. After reading some reviews we were a bit undecided regarding the visit. Such a wonderful experience, there are five zones of butterflies, some of them will come and stand on you, their colors are amazing! The children will enjoy it a lot. After that you have a cinema for kids, so you can drink or eat something there and enjoy your movie. Recommended!

Elias Issawi

The peace you get in this place, the friendly, expert, happy staff is part of what’s making this a piece of heaven. It’s an experience worth trying for both adults and juniors. You roam around with several species of butterflies flying around, the staff will happily help carefully catch some and take photos. Three domes, you could spend 30-40 min even more, before you’re done.

Basil Basil

Its a lovely place.. temperature inside is beautifully maintained.. its summer or winter anytime we can visit here.. its indoor... The butterflies r super cool.. do not waste time in zone 1 and 2 because more awesomeness can be felt in zone 3 and zone 4 where butterflies themselves will come and sit on you.. the staff will help you with how to hold a butterfly.. and it should not be held by its super soft wings...

Shobana chandrasekaran

great place to visit with the kids. They had an amazing time and learnt a lot about butterflies.

Maria Ravina L-C

the kids loved it so much... a fun experience

Elias Bakhazi

honestly so much fun whenever am there , every time like first time. the place gives peace and so suitable for family / friends / kids . so safe

Weam Fidaya

This is a nice experience, but only takes half an hour or so. I booked this as an afternoon out for the kids and was left wondering how to entertain them. 🤪

Ali Poole

butterflies are always a hit when it comes to kids :-) we’ve been in the butterfly garden more than 3 times already and the kids still love going there. it’s a bit sad that people hold the butterflies though. Bit dull inside but otherwise a must visit.

Mirna Merhi

Who doesn't like a Butterfly? I know kids love butterfly garden but as an adult, I couldn't help but admire this little creature so much. They come so close, they touch you, and then they fly away. It is a place you can go with your 1 year old kid or 60 years old father. My little one and I enjoyed our trip to the Butterfly garden. I am sure you will too.

Meghna Dixit Subramaniam

Loved this place & the experience was unique. The place is well maintained and the staff is super friendly. kids enjoyed holding the butterflies & learning more about the different kinds of butterflies. Definitely worth the money spend.


It's exactly what you'd expect, nothing more. You walk in, watch butterflies of all sizes fly around, and leave. The staff inside were friendly, the cafe and snack shop were nice. The staff at the gate we're terrible, the garden lack any activities. It felt like a waste of time to drive there and pay the fees for five minutes of butterflies flying around and leave. The "museum" were horrible. They glued dead bugs to make pictures. The gift shop is not bad.

Abdulaziz Almohammadi

It was an amazing place to visit in a Dubai since last visit to Miracle Garden. It is an alternative option of Miracle garden during summer time. This place has a number different butter flies and most attractive thing is that all different butter flies are in 4 different domes and there is a dedicated rooms available to take photographs with butterflies and feel real touch with butter flies My 3 years old kid enjoyed much more than other place I would like to visit it again in another season and recommend others to visit this amazing world of butterflies

Inderjeet Singh

Beautiful place to visit, amazing butterflies from all over the world. Lovely helpful staff in such a calm and relaxing atmosphere.... it is a good distance from the centre and a taxi is the best way to greet there. There is a shop that sells refreshments and souvenirs. This would be a lovely place to bring a picnic as the are plenty of areas where you can sit and relax. There always seems to be taxis available at the exit....

William Quain

A nice place to get back in touch with nature. But some of the 'pods' were a bit too hot to stay too long and enjoy it all. Not too many butterfly species to look at, or I just don't know enough about butterflies. Definitely better to visit early in the morning as there isn't anyone else there.

Grant Ferguson

Nice place for visitors and residents. For a change, you see real life butterflies fluttering everywhere all around you. So many species and full of vibrant colors. They even land on you as well if you stay freeze. Nice place to get some pics and good views. Place is nice and cozy. Arranged in 3 different sections. These sensitive and beautiful creatures are bound to enthral all. But I feel the entry ticket is costly for the park. If you consider cost Vs enjoyment, it scores low. But I feel it's certainly better than Glow garden.

Madhu Koduganti

Amazing place. Even folks who have a morbid fear of Butterflies will find it amazing and calm after a visit to this place. The place is divided into 3 domes extending out of a central dome. Be sure to checkout all of them. Food and drinks are strictly not allowed inside. There are assistants to help you interact with the Butterflies. However, if you can manage to stay still they may land on you. Fruity flavoured perfumes attract them a lot more.

Sri h

An amazing place to go with kids if they are not scared of butterflies flying around them. You can feel the peacefulness of the place and kids will have a great time trying to chase the butterflies. they just need to be careful when trying to catch them but they will love them posing on their little hands!

ines Mena Moral

Loved it. As long as you are not frightened of large beautiful butterflies, it is a lovely place and a perfect venue to spend an hour or two. You can also combine the visit with miracle garden and then a great lunch at Maison matthis (Arabian ranches) where the kids can play on a safe and enclosed climbing frame while the parents enjoy their meal!

Simona Agolini

My family loves this place! Butterflies fly freely and pose on you! Not too busy and perfect to avoid the heat on a summers day. More information about the life cycle of the butterflies could be provided.

Ana Gamboa

The butterfly garden was a massive hit! kids loved it. It was busy but was still peaceful and kids loved that butterflies would land on them. Species there were beautiful and colours rich. Food options are minimal. highly recommended.

johanna laface
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