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Maison Tini Children Store

dubai, Explore The City
< 0-13+ yrs
Babies & Toddlers
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Activity Description

Maison Tini is a creative roof covering a curated selection of children brands within sustainable fashion, accessories, educational toys & furniture. Their showroom is transformed into a children's fantasy world complete with bedrooms, a library, a kitchen, a living area, and a sizable playroom for a completely immersive experience. Children are encouraged to play, explore, and wander around. Families can gather in Maison Tini's community center to play, study, and develop. They provide parenting seminars led by professionals on subjects including conscious parenting, setting up Montessori environments at home, sleep advice, and how to build kid-friendly rooms to foster independence in young children. Additionally, they provide courses for children that encourage play, a love of languages, art, music, yoga, and anything else that fosters self-assurance, creativity, and curiosity. Maison Tini places a strong emphasis on fostering independence, play-based learning, and sustainability.


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