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Become a member for FREE & raise KINDer future citizens of the world with aKINDemy!

Activity Description

Join aKINDemy, a one-of-a-kind book membership that encourages parents to start a KIND literary journey with their children. Each month, aKINDemy focuses on different topics with the aim to help you start & navigate big conversations with your children with the support of well-researched books & engaging resources. Being a member of aKINDemy is completely FREE. You would be able to choose & pay ONLY for those books you would like to receive on your monthly box. aKINDemy researches & suggests the best themed books for children from 0-9 years old. These suggested materials will help you introduce your little ones to societal & environmental topics & raise them with an awareness of inclusivity & diversity. Join this revolutionary subscription service to help you raise KINDer future citizens of the world!


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