War Zone

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person1 - 9 years
EGP 150
person1 - 9 years
EGP 100
person>= 10 years
EGP 180
person>= 10 years
EGP 240
person>= 10 years
EGP 140
person>= 10 years
EGP 200

Activity Description

Get your friends together, grab your laser gun then experience like you're a great warrior of Star Wars! War Zone is a 1300 meters fully equipped laser tag park in Mall of Egypt and the first to introduce the SMG guns to Egypt; these guns are heavier than the normal ones with strong sensors and louder sounds. At War Zone, there are two mission systems with different ideas, the first one contains 6 missions with a duration of 1 hour and the second one contains 3 missions with a duration of 30 minutes, each mission takes from 7-10 minutes. There's also a safe kids area for kids less than 10 years equipped with trampoline, tic tac toe, connect 4, castle ball and buzzle games.


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