Kids Station

other, Explore The City
< 2-10 yrs
Play Time
Babies & Toddlers


hour2 - 10 years
EGP 90
hour2 - 10 years
EGP 50
hour2 - 10 years
EGP 70

Activity Description

Kids Station is an enjoyable, safe & clean indoor play area for kids to have lots of fun and socialize with other children! Offers a variety of activities, games, toys, and equipment that suit all age groups such as house of balls, slides, climbing wall, painting, Lego, drawing, skills games, magnetic fishing pool and more! There's also a restaurant with a nice seating area for parents to relax and enjoy a meal or their favorite drink.


clean, orgnized,cooperated staff and frienldy my kids and I luv the place ❤ but the time is too short for this amazing place. highly recommended 👌 ... Read more
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