Women's Handicrafts Centre

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The Women's Handicraft Centre in Abu Dhabi is a fantastic location to check out if you're interested in handicrafts and Emirati culture. All of the artists in this place are highly competent Emirati women. UAE women are well-known for their artistic talent and affinity for traditional crafts. Mothers teach their daughters these talents, and so on, down through the generations. Consequently, you will discover a wide variety of handicrafts and artworks (including Kanduras, abayas, wooden works of art, vibrant embroideries, and much more) made by women here! As a result, women's talents and creativity are valued here. Everything from clay rugs to woven baskets can be found here. Here, women are committed to their profession and produce wonderful goods as a result. Their tagline, "100% Emirati, 100% handmade," truly lives up to it! You'll never be dissatisfied with the products from this shop.


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