Bounce Trampoline, Zip Line & Slide Fun

abu_dhabi, Explore The City
< 3-13+ yrs
Babies & Toddlers
Theme Parks & Fun Parks
All for the Teens


hour3 - 5 years
AED 65
person>= 3 years
AED 110
hour3 - 5 years
AED 75
hour>= 5 years
AED 75
hour>= 5 years
AED 85
person>= 6 years
AED 105
ride>= 10 years
AED 20
AED 75.0

Activity Description

BOUNCE Abu Dhabi is packed with lots of high octanes, extreme, do a flip, fun things to do whether you're practicing your parkour moves, perfecting your aerial sports techniques or with kids and the family. It also features a 40m slide, an 18m Quick Drop and a Zip line that dares all the adrenaline junkies to take a leap of faith and ‘fly' over Bounce! A great way to keep the kids active without them even realizing it!


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