Magic Phil’s Cirque du Silly Show

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< 0-13+ yrs
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Limited time only!
Don't miss Magic Phil’s Cirque du Silly hilarious show that will take you on a wild ride of joy & entertainment! Use early bird discount code: SILLY10 for extra 10% OFF! Valid until 30th September.

Activity Description

Join the UAE's most popular family entertainer and children's TV personality as he finds himself cleaning up an ancient circus and learning about all the vintage equipment and acts. Naturally, Magic Phil wants to be THE STAR of his own circus since he is Magic Phil. Will Magic Phil become a circus star with a juggling act of jokes, a trapeze full of stunts, and a monkey who can rap, or will it be a one-man circus full of ABSOLUTE CHAOS? In classic Magic Phil fashion, there will be plenty of jokes, magic tricks, funny songs, and continuous audience participation throughout the entire performance.


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