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Visit our very own Louvre in Abu Dhabi! For more information, please call +971 52 772 9226.

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Latitude (N) 24.533711 Longitude (E) 54.398135
Address:  Saadiyat - Abu Dhabi
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In regards to Terms and Conditions, we have the main terms of purchasing a ticket as follows:

    • Purchased tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable 
    • Tickets are valid for one entry only 
    • Other terms and conditions are available at www.louvreabudhabi.ae 

Visiting Rules

  1. All visitors to the Louvre Abu Dhabi must comply with the visiting rules of Louvre Abu Dhabi, which are deemed incorporated by reference into these general terms and conditions of sale and which can be viewed at Louvre Abu Dhabi counters or at www.louvreabudhabi.ae
  2. Any visitor who does not comply with the visiting rules of Louvre Abu Dhabi may be refused access to the Louvre Abu Dhabi or required immediately to leave without being entitled to a refund of the cost of admission to the Louvre Abu Dhabi.
  3. Visitors must also comply with all instructions, warnings, notices and other written materials, including without limitation relating to health and safety, provided by the Louvre Abu Dhabi or displayed at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Visit our very own Louvre in Abu Dhabi! For more information, please call +971 52 772 9226.

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Activity Description

How lucky are we to have our very own Louvre here in Abu Dhabi! Take the opportunity, as a family, to experience the artistic culture of the Louvre right on our doorstep and get them appreciating art from a young age. Awaken your children's creativity with organized workshops and let them have fun exploring in the Children's museum and space for arts and crafts. There's something for everyone to enjoy!


I came here on a school trip. Even though it's pricey, it offers a good experience for those who haven't been to a museum before. Personally, I think the Louvre Abu Dhabi is very much like the one in France. I've been to museums in Europe and they are compact and crowded. This one is spaced out, offers activities for children and even has restaurants at the exit. The entrance looked stunning. It was like walking through frames. The view was scenic with a lush blue waterfront. I'd suggest you come here either in early morning or at evening because it gets very hot in the afternoon. I went to one of my the restaurants inside, not sure which one, but they had really expensive food in small quantities. It did taste good, though. Apart from the price, I think this is a great place to visit as a family for some knowledge of history and for fun.... Read more

Louvre Abu Dhabi is one of the most beautiful museums in the world. It's an architectural piece of art built on one of Abu Dhabi Islands one hour and a half drive from Dubai. Of course this is not the Louvre Paris, it's an experience of its own, like any other beautiful museum in the world. You will find a great art collections, you also find a lot of amazing local historical artifacts and a wide range from around the world cultural artistic masterpieces. You can also enjoy fine dining at the museum restaurant with an amazing view of the gulf.

kamel zebib

What a great space. I enjoyed the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The building itself and the design was very impressive. Very clean lines to the building. Once you get inside it's not overcrowded with art but it's nicely spaced out and a lot of rooms so make sure you find yourself self getting to all of the available rooms to see the artwork and there is more coming.

Vicki Jones

Amazing adventure...covers a lot of eras. Highly educational and fun at the same time. They also offer membership programs which guarantee good discounts. Although I'm not an art fan, this place still amazes me with the sheer number of artifacts and paintings of cultural as well as historical importance. A couple of coffee shops here(one inside and the other outside). These guys have special events scheduled throughout the year.

Danish Aziz

I will probably only visit Abu Dhabi once in my life but I was so lucky to visit the Louvre museum while I was there. I was even privileged to see Rodin's The Thinker on its year-long visit. What wonderful timing. The museum is amazing, a real homage to the Paris version and Abu Dhabi are honoured to have somewhere like this. I was actually staying in Dubai but the trip to Abu Dhabi to see the Louvre was well well worth it. Highly recommended.

Sam Durrant

I love the arts so was extremely excited to visit The Louvre for the first time recently, the space & architecture is just amazing so was even more excited to have my little one visit the kids museum, until i entered... i found it very underwhelming. Firstly given the amount of room they could have made it much much bigger & secondly i thought the activities lacked imagination & interest. I have been told the workshops upstairs are great however they were not operating that day. Unfortunate as overall it is a beautiful place. Hopefully they will consider changes in the near future.

Grace Nicoletti

Incredible experience. I am a huge art history fan, this collection is to die for. Saw so many pieces I spent years studying about in school. The architecture is gorgeous, and waking around outside after you view the exhibits on the water is such a great way to reflect on all the amazing things you saw inside. A must see!

Katherine Walker

Like everyone else, we were excited about the Louver in Abu Dhabi. It was overall an experience mix of appreciation and disappointment. The architecture is wonderful and shows the marvelous engineering achievement, but it contradicts with the content inside. I couldn’t get my head around to see such futuristic and modern architecture for like of Louvre. It’s also quite confusing to walk around. Almost like walking through a maze. I couldn’t register much of it. As far as collection is concern, I think Louvre Abu Dhabi still needs few years before they get some significant number of pieces. It seemed quite empty at the time we visited. Overall, it’s worth visiting once if you are nearby and have time. I wish this building was dedicated to modern art though.

Muhammad Osman

I really liked the museum it’s beautifully designed and organized. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. You can book a tour or buy the multimedia guide. If you like museums you can spend approximately 3 to 4 hours at least in this one. The layout is very well designed and all the descriptions are clearly displayed next to the artifacts. I don’t advise you get the multimedia guide as all the information is clearly displayed and there’s only a limited amount of information that you can retain. However if your visiting the museum and don’t have a lot of time to spend the multimedia guide has designed tours that will take you through the museum and show you the pieces that are of importance. There is a famous painting by Van Gogh as well

Ebby Mj

Actually I expect more worthy artifacts as fame as Louvre Name. But they had been very carefully arranged with their origin genre and year of creation and grouped in 4 different galleries. The museum building has also very extraordinary architecture which certainly attract everyone. The children museum can be interesting for family with little child

Emad Owhadi

For a casual visitor, this may be a boring place. But if you are a serious museum visitor or a history buff, then you can give it a try. It's a great place with some awesome collections. Ambience and the facilities exceeds your expectations. There's a restaurant too which works even during Ramadan, for non-fasting people. Great place to spend with family and friends

Madhu Koduganti

This is one of my favorite chill spots. It’s a great place to wander in and perceive art. Not to mention, they host free lectures sometimes with intriguing topics which me and my friend love to attend. I would advise going during the weekdays as it is less crowded. They also have a great stationary store which has souvenirs with reasonable prices.


This is one of my favorite chill spots. It’s a great place to wander in and perceive art. Not to mention, they host free lectures sometimes with intriguing topics which me and my friend love to attend. I would advise going during the weekdays as it is less crowded. They also have a great stationary store which has souvenirs with reasonable prices.


Amazing building, worth a visit. Interesting collection, with some highlights. Cozy, despite the number of inevitable tourists. Nice cafe and memorabilia shop. Interesting subscription options for residents, including one card for a yearly access with a {non declared beforehand} visitor. Very interesting.

Daniele Giuffrida

Very informative and they have a special exhibit center which has excellent topics covered in great detail. This changes every three months. We took the guided tour but the guide was very quick and took us through the main exhibits very quickly. Thus not doing justice to the place. To wholly enjoy it, you have to spend a few hours on your own. Rather take the multimedia tour.

Juie Merchant

The museum is amazing, anyway I expected that Children's Museum to be bigger, it's only a room with a few things to explore and play. Even so, it's very good for the whole family.


The number of art pieces might not be huge, but still has a lot to spend a few hours wandering around. The building is simply amazing.


what a amazing place! I brought my 5 and 3 year old and was a bit sceptic to bring them to a museum.. but they loved it! The exhibition for the adults is displayed so beautifully that my kids even loved seeing it. the outdoor place is amazingly beautiful and kids can run around. The kids museum is full with art to explore and yes they can touch everything.

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