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Experience Thrills and Excitement like Never Before! Note: Tickets valid for both residents and non residents.

*Note that the tickets are valid for both residents and non residents.
*Vouchers valid for 180 days from the date of purchase
*Children below 3 years / under 1.05 meters height will be considered as infant and entry will be free of cost.
*Children above 6 years / above height 1.05 meters will be considered as child and charged child rate.
*Children above height 1.2 meters will be considered as an adult and charged adult rate
*General Park Timings (Check website for any park updates) Sunday - Saturday 12:00 PM - 23:00 PM
*Multiple vouchers can be purchased for self & gifts
*Voucher is non-refundable and not valid in conjunction with any other promotion.
*Guests are subject to the park rules & regulations
*Guests are required to carry a hard copy of the Tickets downloaded from our Website which also needs to be presented at the Entrance to gain the entry.
*IMG Tickets includes access for Marvel / Lost Valley / Cartoon Network / IMG Boulevard.
*IMGWOA cannot guarantee that all rides and attractions will be available upon guests visit to the Premises. Height restrictions and number of tickets required are also subject to change and can be confirmed upon entry to the Premises.
*Location Address - IMG Worlds of Adventure,E311, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, City of Arabia - Dubai.

Experience Thrills and Excitement like Never Before! Note: Tickets valid for both residents and non residents.

IMG Day Pass - Unlimited Rides

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Access to 4 Adventure Zones (Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network, IMG BOULEVARD)... Read More

IMG General Admission+ Fast Track Combo

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Access to 4 Adventure Zones (Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network, IMG BOULEVARD), Get Fast access to all rides at the park with our Ultimate Fast Track ticket except Haunted House.... Read More

Activity Description

IMG Worlds of Adventure is Dubai's first mega themed entertainment park with four epic adventure zones including the Dinosaur exclusive zone. Enjoy rides, roller coasters and experience other attractions themed around your favorite cartoon characters and superheroes. Don't miss the new bouncy area with fun obstacles, the kids maze in lazy town and the sand box area for the smaller ones to enjoy.


We had a great time. If you really want to invest in a fast pass then get the 3 rides one as most others have no wait time. We were done with everything in 3 hours with the fast pass! Thor is must ride for those who seek thrill! Predator and Velociraptor both are also amazing for thrill rides.... Read more
Kanwal Rehman

I'm giving 4 stars for this even if I felt offended when we were on a particular ride. The attendant ask me "What's your weight?" like seriously? he only then explained why after i amswered. but maybe he could have ask differently or better to explain the rules than ask me directly with a serious face. anyway, we enjoyed the place a lot! my kids loved it. price is quite expensive. Not everyone wanted to ride so I hope there's an option of just entrance fee as long as one companion will pay with the full package. overall, it's a great experience indeed

jackielicious 1709

Almost same area with Global Village and Miracle Garden. Worth to visit with your child. It is very big theme park. It is not open air ( which is good) You can spend 3-4 hours there. We visited end October, weekday, so less visitors inside considering weekends and holidays. It was spooky concept at this time.


This place is amazing, we got our tickets much cheaper from a third party and everything was amazing , there is 16-17 rides on your ticket ., 2-3 entertainment that I prefer not to try was 50-60 Aed such as haunted hotel that is scary for kids and should be above 15 to enter. Food was normal to great but prices are about 20% more than inside city restaurant. At all strongly recommend here , 5-6 hours at least needed to visit . We visited Sunday, with normal tickets (not fast track) the lines wasn’t so busy , 5-10 minutes was our maximum waiting time.

George Altemiano

5/5 An incredible day was spent at the awe-inspiring IMG Worlds of Adventure, an expansive indoor themed park that easily stands as one of the largest and most captivating I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. The park is thoughtfully divided into distinct sections, as visually illustrated below. It is highly advisable to plan in advance, given that operating hours differ across these sections. Among the many enthralling attractions, my personal favorite was the Hunted Hotel, a delightfully immersive experience that boasts limited entries (for timings, kindly refer to their official website). Even on weekdays, some attractions necessitated waiting, emphasizing the need for ample time to enjoy all the rides and offerings. Overall, the adventure was exceptional, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all enthusiasts.

Mansour M. Abdulla


Jenny Apelo

The trip was amazing kids enjoyed alot thanks to QiDZ app highly recommended, has activities for all ages 💗

Ajeet Kumar

World largest Indoor themed Park. Good rides but waiting time is more. An amazing experience. The park was well thought of. Great rides, awesome staff. It's easy to go through all the rides in a day. Food though is a bit pricey but affordable. Kids will enjoy.

Dharam veer Singh

unbelievable place with amazing app really thanks quids

DR.samer shukri

This place is just perfect, the roller coasters, slow rides, food,drink etc is just all round perfect. To avoid Dubai’s heat you must come here under AC where it’s all good. The Cartoon Network area was nostalgic for me and i suggest for 90s-00 kids to just take a look around or even go on the rides which I enjoyed! Marvel area was thrilling and fun, I enjoyed the spider man ride. Highly recommend it as ur first ride to get the adrenaline going. The dinosaur area is recommended for all ages in my book! Loved the predator ride. This review is based on only some rides but in my 5 time experiences I can say I went on all rides, and suggest going on all from how much I enjoyed.

FQ 513

Got IMG tickets for almost 50% off, had a wonderful time. Few rides for small children and require one full day to complete all rides.

Terry Fernandes

Nice closed place in hot weather...need 6 hours at least to finish all activities there

DrMalaz Yabroudi

nice place and suitable for all ages. must visit in dubai.

Rawya Khalid

Loved time spent her with family. It was a great feeling watching your loved ones enjoying the place. Food options are also good. Please is very neat and tidy. Well maintained rides, less crowded, staffs were polite and helpful. Ample parking space

Rajish P

Absolutely marvellous place! 🔥😍🤩 My experience at IMG was amazing and beyond expectations. 🔥💯 The rides were really great and secure and I enjoyed every single one of them. 😄 Fun place to be with family, friends and even strangers. Definitely a place I’d love to go back to if given the opportunity. The place features a lot of stores with variety of options as well as ATMs, ample parking space and everything you’d need during your time there. The only issue I had with it was the distance from the city but other than that it’s a great place to visit. 👍 A little pricey but 100% worth it. I would definitely take the kids again. Food Is also little pricey but you cannot take your own. Best thing is to go there in the morning and then global village in the evening as it near by. You need about 5 hours here to get everything done comfortably! 😊

Aman Bhandari

Nice overall experience. However, the selection of rides could be better. There could be a few more rides to cater to younger aged children as well. If your kids are between 8-14, they will enjoy a few fun hours. Clean areas and very polite and helpful staff. Good choice for the hot summer months

Christos Mets

an amazing place for kids to go and have fun.. an indoor facility which makes it an ideal summer place. both my kids were happy to be there.. there are rides for all age groups and it can keep a child busy for good 4-5 hours.. ticket is 175 per person which is expensive but given the kind of entertainment and rides, it’s totally worth going

Rimpy Gupta

Amazing activity,especially in the hot summer months.... Good value entry ticket during the sale (175aed) as the IMG ticket office will not honour child prices ( rates are only supposedly for disabled visitors-as per their website). overall,great fun!!!

M Mina

It was just a fabulous experience .lots of fun actually


It’s Really A world of Adventure..A full Day is not much to cover all the areas..Once more we have to go...😍😍😍

Aishath Abdulla

We went to IMG Worlds of Adventure for my son's 6th birthday surprise outing that has become an annual tradition in our family. Pros: - It's a lot bigger inside than it looks from the outside but still small enough that you can finish the whole park in about 3 hours. - Lots of parking space available within a quick walk to the entrance. No waiting on busses, buggies or transfers. - Although most rides have a height limit, there were loads of options for the little ones including soft play areas, a carousel, kiddy rides and climbing frames. - Lots on offer at the retail shops from personalized memorabilia to apparel and toys. Also some fab photo opportunities within the park. - We had dinner at the Chinese restaurant, Chang's Golden Dragon and it was superb! The Thai green curry a favourite. The only downside is that they didn't offer takeaway and no kids meals. - Although we visited on a public holiday, it wasn't that busy and we didn't wait longer than about 10 minutes in a line for the attractions. - The live shows were great, the team was energetic and interactive with the audience. Cons: - The aircon was freezing! We are so glad that we took jackets for the kids but even my husband and I were cold. Always take extra layers just incase. - The staff in general seemed to lack enthusiasm. Most were helpful and smiling but didn't have that energy you would expect when working in such an exciting environment. Overall a really good day out with the family with something for everyone, especially if you have superhero and dinosaur loving little ones!

Katherine Nicolaidis

Visited IMG worlds recently and wasn’t really impressed. I wouldn’t suggest you to go with kids aged between 3-6 years old as all the rides are mainly for adults ( very limited options ) and the one for kids have height restriction . The food options are now v limited - many restaurants have now shut down the reason is obvious as this place is not running fine.

Rahila Shafiq Shaikh

We came here as a family outing one day and we had a blast. The place was honestly bigger than what I expected and it really exceeded my expectations in a lot of other things as well. For example, there were a good amount of thrilling rollercoasters for adults and older children but at the same time they also had rides for younger kids. We came on a Sunday afternoon and it was so quiet that we barely had to stand in any lines so that was a bonus and some rides we got to go on twice and three times! For lunch we ate at a Chinese restaurant which was also surprisingly very good. I would definitely recommend taking the time out to come here- whether you live in Dubai or you are just visiting.

Samar M

I would really recommend this place, to me it is the best closed play place in Dubai, minimally you need 4 hours to spend here, to get into all the rides, have some snacks or even meals. Can’t get enough of this place, very exiting rides and activities. It lacks places and rides for the toddlers, and the soft play available is too small, Resting places are few, but you can find many of big cosy pillow that are placed on the ground, you just get one and rest on it. The price of the park is reasonable for a full day, just make sure to spend the full day here to get the maximum rides and enjoy all the available rides, games and even Cartoon Network episodes. Exit of every ride is into a small shop that sell many items of the characters played in the ride. I have only on suggestion, in the rides waiting lines, could it possibly have seats in stead of only lines, as some of the ride have long waiting time, children and adult as well get tired, and also they can place some monitors in the waiting area that display episodes of the characters of the rides. Enjoy your visit.


Great place for exploration and fun for kids. Some games are however not allowed/restricted for kids who are less than 1.05 m in height. The food options are limited and expensive. Overall, there are enough options to explore and a day can be well spent. Having said that, it is up to the management to keep bringing in new experiences or else it will end up just a one-time visit.

Ritesh Sen

سأكتب التعليق بالعربي لكي يستفيد إخوتي العرب وبما أن الفعالية في بلد عربي.. مكان رائع للترفيه مغلق بارد نظيف وآمن.. سعر التذكرة مناسب وهي لدخول كل الألعاب.. يوجد مع التذكرة تذكرة تخفيض للتغذية.. أغلب الألعاب يجب أن يكون طول الطفل أكثر من 1.05 متر اذلك لا تحضر الطفل الأقصر من ذلك إلا إذا كان معه مرافق خارج اللعبة.. الممان منظم بشكل جميل وسهل.. كنت أتوقع المزيد من الألعاب.. هناك أكثر من لعبة سينمائية 3D في المنطقة الزرقاء.. خيرات المطاعم محدودة.. يوجد مطعم يقدم بوفيه هندي لا بأس به بالإضافة إلى أكشاك الوجبات الخفيفة.. المميز أن هناك العديد من نقاط الإستراحة والمقاعد.. الفعاليات بالكامل تحتاج إلى الأقل 6 ساعات في عدم وجود الزحمة.. الوقت الأفضل هو الساعة 11ص إلى 4 م

AbuEyad 2010

It is huge and easily fills a day. An indoor theme park that is fully air conditioned! Being indoors, it offers great respite from summer heat, but is worth a visit any time! It's bright, colorful, has themed ares that suit several age groups and offers rides of varying thrill level!! Good for entire family and worth a try!

Abdullah Almalki

Great Indoor theme park. Can be an escape from the heat to enjoy thrilling rides and great time with kids and family. Interesting rides, the staff is very helpful. Safe location around the family. Lot of great shops for the kids to get a toy for there action hero. It's good to visit once or twice and to have a great time with family and friends.

Shijin Jahamgir

One of the best theme parks to spend a day in Dubai. The Predator and Thor Thunder spin rides are must do. Well designed park with picturesque interiors and decorations. Many options for kids compared to Adults. There is no need to consider the weather as it is a indoor theme park therefore making it a preferred option during the summer. It takes around 20-30 minutes to reach here from Dubai city. Taxis are available to and fro.

Sandeep Chintalapati

One of the best, if not the best attractions in the UAE. Known as the largest indoor theme park, IMG Worlds of Adventure consists of several rides, most of which are thriller rides. In general, those who seek adrenaline pumping experiences can come, and yet not get enough of the rides after several hours of being in there. As for young children, not quite much games for them, but if they would like to experience the thrilling roller coasters they can do so. There are a variety of restaurants, which is convenient in that case. But the reason why it doesn’t deserve 4 stars, at least in my opinion, is because I got stuck on the roller coaster for almost 10 minutes due to a mechanism fault, however it’s no big deal.

Khalid Alzubaidi

We had such a great day here to celebrate my son's birthday. This place is so quiet, no lineups whatsoever. The place is suitable for kids that are 1,25m or above. Not many rides for smaller kids. My almost 8 year old had to sit out some rides. Food is very expensive here and you cannot bring any outside snacks. Definitely a day well spent and lots of taxis waiting at closing time. My kids have been to Disney World many times and loved IMG just as much and still ask to go back when we visit Dubai again.

Indra Rambaran

IMG is one of the best indoor theme parks in Dubai delivering promising rides. I had recently visited IMG again with my family and unluckily it was very crowded. But we did enjoy all the rides, and meanwhile had to wait hours in the queue. These long waits tire you completely, so it is recommended to take the VIP pass to enjoy maximum fun! Tickets are not at all cheap, unlike the annual pass. Parking is not at all a problem, but the location is!

Mohammed Tamseel Kashimji

It is a fun place to be and definitely a great place if you want to spend time in Dubai during summer afternoons. It's fully air conditioned, rides were decent, waiting times were very less and in most cases nothing (I went during a weekday and in the afternoon in summer). I'd have liked it more had the rides been longer. Kids would love it!

Suraj Varma Nadimpalli

Excellent indoor amusement park... Indoor amusement park is great idea as it's very hot most of time in this part of the world... It's huge... Caters all age group... Rides are great and cost is also good... Restaurants are also great... Munching items and food is costly... But very well made and full of fun...

Rakesh Sharma

If you have visited Universal in LA you will find this place OK. This place equal rides for kids n adults. The adult rides are very easy n chilled out ... no problem for any one. The place is not too crowded. No need to buy the VIP ticket. Best way to reach the place would be by Cab or the shuttle service that they have. No problem in carrying bags as there r slots available to keep all loose item.

Ramit Shiva

IMG Worlds of Adventure is Dubai’s first mega themed entertainment destination promising visitors from around the world the excitement of four epic adventure zones in one location. Two of the four zones represent renowned global brands Cartoon Network and MARVEL, while IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure zones are original concepts created by the IMG Group. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest temperature controlled indoor themed entertainment destination in the world, covering an area in excess of 1.5 million square feet. With the capacity to welcome more than 20,000 guests a day, the destination is featuring a unique array of adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, thrill rides, and spine-tingling attractions based on popular Cartoon Network characters, iconic MARVEL Super Heroes and hair-raising dinosaurs. Additionally, the destination is the home to a number of world-firsts, a variety of themed retail stores, exclusive dining venues, and a 12-screen state-of-the-art cinema. Situated within City of Arabia, along Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, IMG Worlds of Adventure is set to be a must-visit international destination, bringing the best of family entertainment to Dubai’s growing leisure industry.

Amal Al Ameri

A place to spend your day in an amazing way, and enjoy with lots of 4D rides, 5D experience with your favourite DC characters. Dinosaur park is not that great, small kids may like it but they are still not allowed in half of the rides, even when they were nowhere close to being dangerous. Food in restaurants is outstanding. Indian food had great taste. Cartoon Network zone was average. Overall a great place, if you are ready to explore it completely.

Ankur Tripathi

The place rock, my entire family enjoyed the park. There are a lot of rides that are suitable for all age group but not for those whose having a weak heart especially those having motion sickness and afraid of heights. Anyway staff are always ready, instructions are always given before each ride. We enjoy the Finn and Jake ride, there's a drama as we go along, the jungle safari is so adventurous, the 3D rides is so enjoyable, of course we enjoyed the snack that was provided with our pack.

Anna Dela Torre

I always have a great time at IMG, even got an annual pass because I enjoy this park so much. the rides are amazing, the staff are friendly, the food is excellent and not over priced. If you go there you have to try the salted caramel date chocolate and the Chinese restaurant. They have a wide variety of cuisines and I loved having a lot of vegetarian options. The park being indoors means that we're able to go even in the hot UAE summer.

Wadeema AlMarar

This amusement park was a blast to be in, its a nice air conditioned place to go for the day for some fun and good eats while you out with family or the kids. the attractions are nice and the two roller coasters (while quick) are a blast to ride with many attractions thrown in for the kids as well. There seemed to be a lot of merchandising stores with out much substance nice things here and there but nothing to really draw in adults who could appreciate the cartoon network and Marvel nostalgia. DARK SECRET This place while nice HAS NOT PAID ITS STAFF IN 4 MONTHS! 4 months !!!! This is not acceptable for a place of this nature. i see some other comments and reviews who states the staff seems uninterested... I would be too if i wasn't paid for a third of the year! how dare you! i almost feel ashamed that i paid my money to go here and enjoyed it while there were young men and women working to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere and there is no cash going back into the people who makes the park what it is. IMG and affiliates should be DAMNED ashamed of them selves allowing something like this to happen and continuing to just be happy go luck with it. I am not happy with this development as i did enjoy my time there. YOU ALL need to rectify this problem immediately. Then and only then i'm sure the morale and camaraderie will return in no time Dubai is a expensive place to live and they have literally put people out of homes due to no pay checks coming in. I WILL NOT be coming back until IMG and affiliates learn to put their staff first because it is them that bring the magic and make this place the gem in the desert it is!!! disgruntled customer Cedric Alexander II

cedric alexander

Expected so much that i ended disappointed... Very few rides... All the shops sells same merchandise... Wish there were more rides and better rides... Marvel has many more characters but here we find limited... Iron Man Adventure was the best thing to get your Child's Face into the Toy (refer to attached image)... Food was ordinary... Park can be great if managed well... Has great future ... Jurassic World was like a Cameo with ordinary rides (except for the Big Roller Coaster) Cartoon Network was strictly ok...

Suraj Raveshia

Great place to spend a weekend. Always go in weekdays atmosphere is fabulous. Most rides are for adults. Kids can enjoy in Cartoon Network area. Food is expensive as expected Bring your home cooked food Plan for whole day trip. Bring some Panadol with you if you feel dizzy after rides. 3d and 4d experience is great of Avengers. Do not forget to enjoy both roller coasters.

Basit Javaid

Its a great experience in a place like Dubai. One of the main reasons being it is something you can enjoy all around the year. It has entertainment for kids and adults. Enough food joints and relaxing areas for the ones who do not want to sit on the rides. The thrill every roller coaster gives is just enough for you to want do it again.. not to long not to short.. enough to laugh, scream, get scared and lastly feel brave. I think the Annual pass is surely a good idea for those who lobe the thrill. Keep it up

Priyanka Uchil

IMG Worlds of Adventure is Dubai’s first mega themed entertainment destination promising visitors from around the world the excitement of four epic adventure zones in one location. Two of the four zones represent renowned global brands Cartoon Network and MARVEL, while IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure zones are original concepts created by the IMG Group. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest temperature controlled indoor themed entertainment destination in the world, covering an area in excess of 1.5 million square feet. With the capacity to welcome more than 20,000 guests a day, the destination is featuring a unique array of adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, thrill rides, and spine-tingling attractions based on popular Cartoon Network characters, iconic MARVEL Super Heroes and hair-raising dinosaurs. Additionally, the destination is the home to a number of world-firsts, a variety of themed retail stores, exclusive dining venues, and a 12-screen state-of-the-art cinema. Situated within City of Arabia, along Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, IMG Worlds of Adventure is set to be a must-visit international destination, bringing the best of family entertainment to Dubai’s growing leisure industry.


Fantastic place for pure fun and entertainment. Loads of rides and exciting things to do. Can spend a whole day without getting bored. A good place to send with family and friends. Nice place for eats too.

K Mansoor Ali Khan

Some rides really wow you but others just feel very bland. One issue I had was I felt they did not take advantage of their properties in Marvel and Cartoon Network. A lot of missed potential. Other than that I had no problems with queues as most rides had a 5 minute wait. Staff were all pleasant and helpful. This is a very decent theme park, just one which could’ve been much better.

Ismail Ebrahim

What a place! Loved it! The rides are amazing and are the best in Dubai. This was better than any of the other theme parks I've ever been to! The ambience is so good. You feel like you're walking in cartoon channel with so many different characters you've watched as a child. My personal favourite is Haunted Hotel. The interior and the actors are just amazing! The Thor's hammer is a lot of fun! Crazy ride! The restaurants look really good with the exteriors and interiors being absolutely spectacular! Very very expensive! Love the place, want to come back again! Unfortunately, IMG World's of Adventure is worth the money!

Shreyas Gopal

Great theme park. No more expensive than theme parks in Sydney. Kids had a ball. Spider-Man ride was not what I expected! a great quick roller coaster. Fun day out with kids!

johanna laface

Nice place to spend a whole day. All indoor theme park. Fun for kids and adults alike. Many of the rides not allowed for kids. So parents might have to take turns. Multiple themed areas. Cannot take food items from outside, just in case anyone plans to take kids favorite snacks to the park. There are multiple food outlets inside.

Habeeb Mohammed

Ok first, the indoor park thing is brilliant cause you avoid the hot weather. Downside is because it’s so dark, taking pictures are a bummer especially if you have iPhone. Also staff appears nonchalant. Also the place is small, I found that I could walk around the area in just 20minutes and I would have seen it all. 10minutes if you take the indoor train. My two year old could only take one ride or so, the height restrictions and their rules make it a no go for kids below three or so. Food and drinks were super expensive and overpriced. Would be nice to place an ATM nearby, didn’t see one. I was not particularly impressed with some rides, they were not really scary. The lost valley, haunted hotel etc...but then maybe that’s me. Don’t even think about shopping here except you find something too awesome to pass over...overpriced. I was a bit disappointed and quickly got bored. It’s good to go check it out but not so interesting to go back to.

Adeola Shobande

Fun filled with lots of adrenaline rush for most of the moving adventures. Environment and atmosphere very friendly, cool and organized. special effects were magnificent and the 3D makes it feel as as if you are actually there. good food court within the facility. will visit it again with more friends (more of kids) and relations. However, you may need a little guide around the facility

Zainab Abubakar

Expensive for adults. Looks amazing. Not that many big rides for adults to enjoy. But the ones they do have are awesome. Haunted house is terrifying. A family place. Kids will love it

Sheelagh Carlisle

Enjoyed this place, not much of adult rides but the ones they have at IMG are also not bad. Had a great time here, the haunted place was also frightening, had people running behind me, was very freaky. Good staff service as well. There's this other ride you can't miss is the one which spins you in the air, very nice as well as very horrific, but I really enjoyed it. Now when it comes to chocolate lovers there's this nutella type of desert which you'll love to have ! You cannot go without having this one if you really like chocolaty items. Nice place to go to, try it out.

Mustafa Patel

Truly massive indoor theme park with 3 main areas. You feel like u are visiting a huge movie set. Marvel and Lost valley have a few family rides and some crazy rides for adrenalin junkies. Many rides for families and kids in Cartoon Network area, so we loved it. The 3D and 5D rides across the park are good. Filter rides on thier website to choose and plan visit. Lots of food and shopping outlets which are expensive undoubtedly. Parking is more than ample and free. Overall good place to enjoy with family and friends for around 4 hrs or so. Perfect to visit during summers since it's all indoor and expect offers then. Staff is friendly and helpful. Being there can be confusing due to inappropriate signage in E311.

Conrad Serrao

Perfect day out for children even in peak summers! 5D shows are spectacular and worth the price. Roller coaster ride provides the much wanted adrenaline rush. Mix of rides and activities makes the visit suitable for all age groups. They also offer plently of eating outlets to choose from.

Richa Bajaj

This place is so exciting, I loved the effects and decorations.. my only point the games are so short and no variety,, I feel that souvenir shops and restaurants are more than the games. But generally I had too much fun. I used the locker at the entrance to keep my stuff for 45AED and loved the facility

Karim El Zeky

This is the world's largest indoor theme park. It is split in to 3 categories - Marvel, Dinosaur land and Cartoon Network. There are plenty of food outlets too. Snacks from outside are not permitted in to the theme park. You can take your own water. The rides here are fantastic, just like you'd expect in a theme park. I was slightly let down by the fact that "Tony's Sky Diner" was closed during our visit. All in all it was an amazing experience and well worth the visit.

Faisal Mayet

Amazing place and a must visit especially for tourists visiting dubai, its the worlds biggest indoor theme park. Awesome rides for adults and kids, one can spend a whole day here. Places to sit and even lie down to relax on couches, restaurants and massage chairs are also in there. Must take teenagers here for rides. 👍🏽

Yousuf Farooq

One of the best places you can go to If you are visiting Dubai then it's a must. Rides for all ages. Avengers area are the best rides then the roller coasters. Better than Disney land Paris The food is ok and a big rip off Don't eat in The food not that good specially things in beef. Just see in the pic name of the restaurant

Dr. Mohammad Sheikh

I think this park is really fun and full of rides for a wide range of ages - me and my relatives keep coming back again and again. Best time to visit is during early to mid summer when it's deserted and you'll get to go on each ride over and over without even having to get back into the queue. If at another time, do expect to see more people and longer wait times of 30 minutes or more so bring a phone or something to read (though by the length of the railings on each ride it looks like they're expecting thousands so I guess the waits are adequate). Velociraptor is my personal favourite and is rarely busy, followed by Doctor's revenge which is a little busier. Expect to spend a whole day here :)

Livvy Hackett

DO NOT GO!!! Waste of money !! Waste of time!! Long line !! Staff aren't trained that well, you may set in the ride around 10 minutes waiting for it to start!! Always talk to each other, ignoring the people who are in the ride waiting !!! 1st i paid 245 and stayed on line for ever! Each game around 30~60 minutes waiting , so I paid extra 195$ for the fast track then the fast track some how is not included for the most popular games (Ex. haunted hotel) & then ask you to pay extra 50 for just the haunted hotel's fast track. Which mean, you will pay around 550 for each adult to try most of the games

Eisa Al-eisa

An amazing place for people of (almost) all ages - while the roller coasters were the most thrilling, all of the rides had their own charm. The various themed zones cater to different interests, so there's something for everyone. Restaurants also served delicious food. Staff and security were active and helpful. Everyone should visit at least once!

Fareeha Syeda

There's a Cartoon Network, Avengers, Dinosaurs zones and very delicious restaurants, and many gift shops. I took my 5 yo and 2 yo and we went on many rides even though my kid is shorter than most kids his age but that wasn't a problem. Some areas require socks so either bring your own or you can buy some there. Loved that the gift shops were reasonably priced unlike most theme parks. Do try the Indian restaurant you won't regret it.

Maryam L
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