Happy International Women’s Day!

In case you did not know, ~ 50% of the world population is female so everything we do (and don’t do) matters a lot.

We are women, mothers, sisters, cousins, leaders, employers, employees, friends etc; and we change the world each and every single day.

We impact everyone around us and as we support each other and raise each other up, humanity benefits.

Lending a smile or a helping hand, shouting out against injustices in life or against others who dare to put people down or hurt others, using compassion and empathy to try to understand other points of view, believing in your own powers to change the world, this is what will make the world a better place for our kids to live and grow up in. Let’s talk when we don’t understand things, let’s communicate and try to find the common grounds rather than the differences!

At QiDZ we want to celebrate all the incredible women and girls out there today (and every day); continue being role models for the girls (and boys around you), being leaders and know that wherever you are and whatever you are doing – it matters.

With this, we want to start up a chain of women helping women and inspire each other with one advice. As of tomorrow, we will be posting on our stories one woman (or more) we admire with their inspirational advice. Together we can, let’s cheer each other up!

If you think of someone that should definitely be featured, send us an e-mail at marketing@qidz.com