Contributed by expert contributor Danielle Cartledge – Nursery Leader, Al Forsan Nursery, Aldar Academies.

When you pick your child up from nursery you will often ask them ‘What did you do today?’ and they will reply ‘I played’. What you might be thinking is; why do they play every day? What is my child learning if they are only playing?

Play is an integral part of child development and learning, especially in early years. How can play help in child development? Children can develop their number skills through play such as playing in the role play area ‘preparing breakfast’ for their friends. They can count how many friends are with them and how many plates they will need. They will also develop their language skills by asking their friends simple questions such as, what would you like to eat? And of course, developing their social skills.

Another example of how play can develop and support your child’s learning is how it can help them to develop their independence and own sense of self awareness. As they choose what they want to play with it helps them with making decisions and choices later in life if they are exposed to the idea of making a simple choice of where they want to play from a young age.

Play enriches children’s learning in a multitude of ways.

Exposing them to different play environments and opportunities will provide them with different learning experiences that will develop different skills that will stay with them and develop as they grow older. Allowing your child time to play from a young age will help them to learn and develop and grow into independent and competent learners, who will be able to think for themselves and support those around them. But also allows them to have fun and enjoy being a child.

So the next time your child says they played, ask them what they played and who they played with, open up the conversation with them and let them tell you of their magical day they have had.

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Contributed by expert contributor Danielle Cartledge – Nursery Leader, Al Forsan Nursery, Aldar Academies.

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