Survive the Play Area this Summer with These Tips!

Survive the Play Area this Summer with These Tips!

By Nohad

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By Nohad Mouawad



Those temps just keep on rising in the UAE, and every parent of young kids from Dubai to Abu Dhabi knows what that means. As soon as the barometer rises above 35 degrees, it’s time. We’re going back to the place we know, and where everyone knows our name: the play area. Now, before you start panicking and falsely imagining that you can keep your kids entertained at home all weekend with just some Netflix and the remote, I have a few tips that just might get you through a play area summer in one piece:

Stake Out Your Spot: All play area veterans know that staking out your spot is the way to establish your VIP status. Only a few moms and dads can have their eyes on the ball pit, latte in hand, and be able to watch their kid go down the slide without having to follow them around. Get in there early and grab a prime seat near the café but facing all the action, and you will have a relaxing morning for sure. Check out some of the best play areas for young kids like The Hive, Kids Jungle, or Kidoos Deerfield mall Abu Dhabi where you’ll have the best view of your little ones having a great time.


Coffee, coffee and more coffee: Only play areas with the best drinks and snacks deserve your attendance, so make sure you have tried their coffee, and that they have plenty of it, before you commit your afternoon. Bonus points for good menu options for both you and your kids, because you don’t want to be stuck eating chicken nuggets.

Delegate: Play areas with good supervision for little ones, are the best kind of play areas. Let your kid enjoy some really great activities, like role play at Kidzania in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Laser tag at Tr88house, or rock climbing, zip lining and more supervised by certified instructors at Adventure Zone’s various locations, or a guided tour through the indoor caves at Trampo Extreme in Nakheel Mall. You will be able to take a break while your kids have an amazing day out.

Bring Some Entertainment: If your kids are old enough to play on their own, or are joining a supervised activity, it’s always a good idea to bring along something to entertain yourself. One of the best things you can do is pack yourself an e-reader, magazine, or download some music to listen to on your headphones or airpods. Just don’t let anyone catch you singing out loud to Britney Spears, or anything…

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join, Them: There’s another way to experience the play area and that’s by joining in on the fun with your kids! At Fun City Ibn Battuta, there are so many cool arcade games that you’ll feel like a teen again. At the Soft Play & Trampoline at Velocity you can bounce around with your kids and get some laughs in, to make some great memories as a family. It’s always a good idea to break the routine and have a special family fun day. I mean, just how many books can you read this summer?

To get the best deals on play areas in Dubai, buy the QiDZ Supersaver Play Pass! The Pass will give you and your kids access to 5 play areas from Monday to Friday at a 40% discount, perfect for these hot months.


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