Not only can you let the celebs take over when you need a break, Storytime Online also have a range of Teacher’s Guides to accompany the little one’s bedtime stories, or story time at any time of the day. Here are some of our top picks (well the celebs we’d like to welcome in our homes anyways). If only they could stay for tea #socialdistancing


Betty White

Bedtime Stories | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

Who doesn’t love the amazing Betty White? Now the kids (and you) can watch Betty White read Harry the Dirty Dog.

This sweet book is about a Harry, a dog who loves everything – except baths! So one day he runs away right before bath time.

Click here to watch Betty White read the story here.



Bedtime Stories | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

That’s right! Kids can watch Oprah read The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen, a story about Kameeka who wants to take part in a Hula-Hoop competition but instead has to stay home to do chores in preparation for her neighbour’s birthday party.

Watch as Oprah shares how Kameeka accidently ruins her neighbour’s birthday cake and finds out a hula-hoopin’ secret that’ll give the whole neighbourhood the hula hoopin’ itch!

Click here to watch Oprah read the story.


Kristen Bell

Bedtime Stories | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

We love watching Kristen Bell’s mom adventures, and now kids can watch her during story time as she reads Quackenstien Hatches A Family.

This story is about Quackenstein, a lonely and bitter duck at the zoo. All of the other animals have friends and family to play with, except Quackenstein. That is until he decides to adopt an egg!

Watch Kristen Bell read about how he diligently cares for it until it’s ready to hatch here.


Justin Theroux

Bedtime Stories | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

What was there before recycling? A lot of garbage!

Watch Justin Theoroux as he reads Here Comes The Garbage Barge!

This story is about a town that has over 3,100 tons of garbage and no where to put it. Enter The Garbage Barge!

Watch what happens as Justin Theoroux reads this mostly true stinky story.

Click here to watch it now.


Chris Pine

Bedtime Stories | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

When he’s not playing a Lord in Princess Diaries 2 or a pilot in Wonder Woman, the kids can watch Chris Pine reading Clark the Shark!

In this book Clark lives a very enthusiastic life zooming around the classroom crashing into things and getting rowdy during recess. When this gets to be too much for this friends, Clark’s teacher helps him find a way to tone it down while still being himself.

Watch Chris Pine read this fun book here.


See other celebrities like Rami Malek, Michelle Yeoh, David Harbour and more read brilliant kids books and bedtime stories here.

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