QiDZ at Home: 8 Chalk Games

QiDZ at Home: 8 Chalk Games


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I remember growing up, mum would give us a tub of chalk and set us loose on the driveway – we’d be gone for hours! Now with a lot of time on our hands, it has been great to introduce the kids to some of these games that I had completely forgotten about.



An old classic chalk game! You can play with numbers or the alphabet!

International Womens Day | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

Stand at the foot of the hopscotch at 1, throw a stone then hop all the way up to the top. On your way back collect your stone without jumping on the number it landed on and return it to the next player.


Naughts & Crosses

Another old classic chalk game! You’ll need 2 players for this.

Draw a hashtag with chalk. One player is “O” the other “X”. The aim is to get 3 “O” or “X” in a row. Horizontally, vertically or diagonally.


Obstacle Course

Here’s a fun chalk game and one to get the kids up and moving.

Draw squiggly lines and shapes to create an obstacle course. Take turns running the course and time each other. You could also do this with scooters or bikes!


Trace Your Friends

We used to love this chalk game! Have one friend lie with their back on the ground. Trace around them – then colour them in! Add some wings, a unicorn horn or a tail (cheeky!)!


Trace your shadow

Have a friend trace your shadow and then take turns!


“Bean Bag Toss” Chalk Game

This is for 2 players or more.

Fill 6 small zip lock bags with dry beans or some Lego pieces.

Reinforce the bag by putting another around it. Draw a hashtag with chalk and put a range of numbers in the spaces with the largest in the middle.

Stand back and toss the bags with the aim of getting the highest score.


Little Fire People

We love this chalk game in our house! Draw a house on fire on the wall. Equip your little fire people with water spray cans to put out the fire. An old Mr Muscle bottle (cleaned out!) works well. Also works great with water guns!


Draw A City

International Womens Day | QiDZ | Kids Activities Dubai

Here’s a great chalk game for the younger kids. Draw a city with roads, traffic lights, petrol station, car park etc… Then bring the kids’ cars outside! Build some bridges and tunnels with things lying about. They will love it!

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