Getting the kids away from screens and keeping active is something a lot of parents are looking to do. These 5 family workouts are great not only for the kids but for you to get moving and have fun as a family!

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Indoor Circuit Fun

Indoor Circuit Fun | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

This one is set to get the kids moving indoors! Set up different stations around the room and come up with funny exercises or short 30 second activities at each. Grab some sheets of recycled paper so you can write down or draw what you decide to do at each. Have someone sit out and whistle at each 30 seconds or you can use your timer on your phone.

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20 Calming Games & Activities by Sensation Station

20 Calming Games & Activities | Family workouts | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

The variety of activities suggested by SENSATION STATION can enhance physical, cognitive and emotional development. They can also enrich interaction between family members making these great quality time activities. These indoor activities are ideal for children (and adults!) to release their energy as well as spend quality family-time together.

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Alphabet Indoor Exercise

Alphabet Indoor Exercise | Family Workouts | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Here are some quick and simple ideas to get the kids moving at home! Get the family together and spell out each others names or any words! For each letter do each of these activities.

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Cardiovascular Fitness by Funkeynastix

n the 6-minute video you will learn and stretch to more Funkeynastix Body Positions with Zibi the Arabian Leopard and the Funkeynastix team. Warm up to the ‘Shake &Stretch’ song and improve are ‘Cardiovascular fitness’ with Aerobic exercises. Click on the video above to watch!

Live Pilates Classes by Wellbyness

Free Live Pilates | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Join the Free Live Pilates Classes By Wellbyness. With loads of Pilates basics, so if it’s your first time or you’ve not been practicing pilates recently, you will be able to join in. Every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30am and 8:00pm UAE time on Instagram till the end of the lockdown. If this time doesn’t work for you, you can always watch the FB/Live replay later in the day!

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