Are you looking for some fun activity printouts for your older kids? Maybe some more challenging pictures to color, or let them practice their Math and English! We have a variety for you.

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Here are 3 printouts the older kids will love:

Activity Pack for Older Kids

Activity Pack | Free Kids Printouts | QiDZ | Kids Activities in UAE

Download and print this free activity pack for kids aged 6+ years to develop creativity and focus while coloring the tiny details in mandala, butterflies, sunflower and more. Download here.

Word Scramble Printable Pack

Word Scramble Printable | QiDZ | Kids Activities in UAE

Great for developing spelling and vocabulary! Download this free pack for kids aged +6 years and have fun unscrambling letters to form real words. Get yours here.

Math & Logic Activity Printouts

Math & Logic | Kids Printouts | QiDZ | Kids Activities in UAE

Help your children aged 6+ years develop their early math skills with these printable math and logic activities that include counting, what comes next puzzle, shadow match, fractions and more! Download here.

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