Whether its because of #socialdistancing or #thedubaisummer it is vital that we are up and moving our big and little bodies throughout the day. The reality is we spend so much time indoors, but moving about is not only important for our bodies, it’s vital for our mental health.

For more ways to keep moving or to keep the kids entertained at home be sure to download QiDZ!

Here are some quick and simple ideas to get the kids moving at home! Make it fun and get the family together and spell out each others names or any words!

For each letter do each of these activities.

A: Obstacle Course: Set up a course at home using furniture, pots and pans- get the hopping and jumping- time them too! Just take care of the sharp edges.

B: Indoor Circuit: Grab 6 pieces of paper and create 6 stations around the house. Decide on 6 quick agility exercises to do at each one for 30 seconds. You can all count together or use a stopwatch on your phone- some ideas: Hopping on the spot, jumping jacks

C: Jump Rope – get skipping!

D: Dance Party – Put some YouTube tunes on and rock it out.

E: Balloon Paddle Toss Game – Click here to see how you can make this at home!

F: Jumping on the bed – ask mum and dad first but a great way to get out lots of energy

G: Pillow Fight – same here- just ask mum and dad if this is ok!

H: Bear races- puts all 4 paws (erm – hands and feet) on the floor- on your marks, get set go!

I: Egg and Spoon Race! Boil some eggs. Stand behind a line with the eggs on the spoons – try not to drop them! You can eat the eggs later!

J: Frog Hops: Get into the position and jump! Make a start line and a finish line- make a race of it!

K: Jumping Jacks on the spot. You know the drill.

L: Play Catch around the house

M: Balloon Toss – Get a balloon- Toss it to each other and don’t let it touch the ground!

N: Hamburger! We take all the cushions from the couch. Humans are the meat patties- each pillow is a layer on the hamburger and we all take turns adding and then squeeze down!

O: A good old fashioned Tickle Race! Get those fingers ready and get tickling!

P: Hopscotch: Get some chalk- or you could make your own- Click here for how! You can play with numbers or the alphabet! Stand at the foot of the hopscotch at 1, throw a stone then hop all the way up to the top. On your way back collect your stone and return it to the next player.

Q: Treasure Hunt Around The House: Dig out some of the Christmas baubles you tucked away in January and take turns to hide them around the house. If you have alphabet toys or foam cut outs, turn it into a learning game so they have to find all the letters of the alphabet and put it in order.

R: Play Hide and Seek:  The aim is for the hiders to run back to “base” without being caught by the seeker! If you are found then it’s your turn to be the seeker otherwise the seeker goes back to counting!

S: Chalk or tape Obstacle courses: Draw squiggly lines and shapes to create an obstacle course. Take turns running the course and time each other. You could also do this with scooters or bikes!

T: Musical Chairs: You need as many chairs as players and some music. When the music starts, players walk or dance around the perimeter of the chair circle and when the music stops, everyone must quickly find a chair to sit on. After each turn, one chair is removed. The one person left standing is out. Keep removing chairs until there is only 1 person left on the chair!

U: Statues: Pop on some music and dance your heart out. Someone pushes pauses the music and you have to FREEZE!

V: Stuck in the Mud: one person is “it”. Count to 10 and everyone runs away. if “It” touches you, you are “stuck in the mud”! Your other friends can “unstuck” you by tagging you! The aim is to for everyone to make it back to base!

W: Check out some Zumba online – We’ve got lots of ideas on QiDZ at Home under Online Resources.

X: Try an online exercise video like the ones on QiDZ at Home Online Resources Collection!

Y: Rolling! Find a wide space and roll!

Z: Indoor bowling – fill some old water bottles with water or beans (that you can reuse of course!) and line them up in them yard or a hallway. Grab a ball and bowl!

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Stay active, stay safe, wash your hands and #StayAtHome!