QiDZ at Home: 15 Shows Kids will Love on Netflix

QiDZ at Home: 15 Shows Kids will Love on Netflix



Parents! We know how important it is to keep kids active and try to steer them away from the screens, but sometimes it’s the only thing that will keep them entertained for a longer period of time. Just for that extra hour or two of quiet for you, we’ve found 15 shows on kids Netflix that the little ones are sure to love.

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We found these gems on kids Netflix for you:

Teen Titans Go!

Recommended for ages 7+

Tenn Titans Go | Kids Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Join superhero friends Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg take on the city’s bad guys – if they have time between their bickering! A super fun show for the kids to watch – maybe even a throwback for the older siblings!

The Inbestigators

Recommended for all ages

The Inbestigators | Kids Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Follow these 4 friends along their journey of detective work where they solve mysterious cases! The inner detective in your little one is sure to jump out once they watch this!

Carmen Sandiego

Recommended for ages 7+

Carmen Sandiego | Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Carmen Sandiego, a master thief, uses her skills for good! Watch as she tries to break apart V.I.L.E.S evil plans! This is a great one for those kids that love some adventure.

Some Assembly Required

Recommended for all ages

Some Assembly Required | Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Imagine this, you’re 14 and you get ownership of a TOY company! That’s every kids dream! That’s what Some Assembly Required is all about! Watch as Jarvis and his friends come up with new toy ideas and see what – or who may come in their way!

Cupcake & Dino General Services

Recommended for ages 7+

Cupcake & Dino General Services | Kids Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Watch these two friends (a cupcake and a dinosaur) go on adventures in their city where they help friends and strangers doing loads of wacky jobs!

Family Reunion

Recommended for ages 7+

Family Reunion | Kids Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Join the McKellan family navigate their transition from big city life to small town life! This show tackles some real life issues, which is important for kids to learn about, while being light hearted as well!

Spongebob Squarepants

Recommended for ages 7+

Spongebob Squarepants | Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? You know we had to add Spongebob to the list! He’s a classic and the kids are sure to love his adventures with Patrick. Not to mention all his friends in Bikini Bottom!


Recommended for ages 7+

Hilda | Kids Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Based on the series of graphic novels by Like Pearson, Hilda follows the adventures of a young, fearless blue-haired girl!

Nailed It!

Recommended for ages 7+

Nailed It! | Kids Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

A kids cooking competition where they try to recreate the most aesthetically pleasing Pinterest-inspired desserts! What’s not to love about that? A great watch for the whole family!

Dawn of The Croods

Recommended for ages 7+

Dawn of The Croods | Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Watch this family sitcom where the Croods are taking the Croodacious era by storm! They deal with modern-day problems for the first time ever in history!

Little Witch Academia

Recommended for ages 7+

Little Witch Academia | Kids Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

A Japanese anime that follows friends who enroll to the Nova Witchcraft Academy. Watch to follow them on their adventures!

The Big Show show

Recommended for ages 7+

The Big Show show | Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

What happens when you take former WWE wrestler The Big Show out of the ring? He has a tougher battle to fight! Raising three daughters with his wife!

Our Planet

Recommended for ages 7+

Our Planet | Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Here’s one for the nature lovers! Explore our beautiful planet with this amazing series! The little ones are going to definitely have a new found appreciation for the planet we call home.

Sam & Cat

Recommended for ages 7+

Sam & Cat | Kids Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Follow room-mates Sam & Cat on their journey to earn some extra cash by babysitting – and watch when they realize how difficult it actually is!

She-Ra and the Princess of Power

Recommended for ages 13+

She-ra | Netflix | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

Embark on this magical journey of She-Ra! The kids will be captivated by the animation and more so the story line! It’s a great show – but might be more suitable for kids a little older!


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