Prepare Your Summer Survival Kit: It’s Time for Summer Vacation and Summer Camp!

Prepare Your Summer Survival Kit: It’s Time for Summer Vacation and Summer Camp!

By Nohad

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By Nohad Mouawad


For parents, summer requires a “survival kit” to make it through. At QiDZ we’ve rounded up what you should keep in your survival kit, whether chauffeuring kids around, or going out to the pool, beach or park (after dark of course):

Bubbles: This sounds strange but the best way to entertain a toddler and any kid under age 12, whether its at the pool or the beach, is bubbles. It’s a sensory activity that has minimum fuss but keeps them busy. Keep classic bubbles that you get anywhere in your kids’ bag or even a modern battery-operated bubble gun.

Electrolyte Packets: The heat in Dubai is for real, and so is dehydration for you and your kids. Pack your survival kit with electrolyte packets for kids and adults that can be added to water or other beverages when you haven’t gotten enough to drink, or when your kids have been very active and are feeling listless.

Reusable Cold Cups: Living in such a hot country means that you need to be prepared with several cold cups and insulated bottles that you can refill with cold water and other beverages and that are made to keep your drinks cold for several hours. It’s also a good idea to ask for extra ice in your drink and let them fill it in your reusable bottle or cold cup. That way you’re saving the planet and yourself and your kids from the heat!

Creams: Pack a pouch with all the necessary lotions and potions for you and your kids summer activities and camps. These should include high factor waterproof SPF sunscreen, after sun cream to apply after camp, aloe vera for burns, bites and irritations, and bug spray and after bite cream. Although most daytime activities will take place indoors, there still might be a need for big protection or afterbite creams in some cases.

Water Guns and Fans: The perfect toys to keep with you all summer long as water toys, especially waterguns and water fans that will keep your kids cool and having fun at the beach or pool. A few buckets and spades are also essential, especially for the younger kids. If you have space, keep some pool noodles and floaties in the trunk of your car, as long as you don’t park your car in the direct sunlight.

Changes of Clothes: Trips around town in the summer mean being sandy, wet and sweaty, and I don’t just mean the kids. That’s why you need a bag of extra clothes and underwear for everyone in the family, to keep with you on the go or by the door. Extra flip flops or crocs are also a good idea, when you need to change between camp and a birthday party or a trip to the mall. For yourself, a few tops and bottoms in a light or sweat-wicking fabric is the right way to go.

Extra Towels: Another parenting hack, is to keep clean towels ready in your car at all times. Of course, make sure you keep them shaded or packed in an insulated bag, as no one wants to use a burning hot towel to dry off. Having these towels ready, means less packing time every time you need to get the kids out the door. It’s also great to have them to sit on if you’re going to the beach (early in the morning or after 5 pm of course).

Accessories: For moms and girl moms there are a few little accessories that are easy to keep stashed in a little pouch in your bag or your daughters. Mainly a travel hairbrush (like the wet brush), extra hair elastics and clips, and a detangling hairspray. Lip balm with SPF is also great before and after being in the sun, and even for boys.

Snacks, Snacks and more Snacks: If your kids aren’t asking you for a snack every 5 minutes during summer break, who even are you? To beat the heat, stash all kinds of snacks in a cooler bag with ice packs, and include a variety that won’t be too messy to eat on the go. My favorites are cereal and granola bars, fruit puree pouches,

Entertainment: There’s a lot of screen-free entertainment that you can pack to keep the kids busy and quiet on the go or wherever your destination is. Some of the best toys to pack are water coloring books, where kids color in pictures using just a little water, scratch books where they scratch out the picture, sticker books or fidget toys. These types of activities are entertaining to kids of all ages, and you can buy them everywhere from amazon to the bookstore or toy store.

Summer Playlist: It’s always a good idea to download a summer playlist on the music app on your phone. You can stream this through the Bluetooth in your car or to a speaker by the pool. If you make it both kid and adult friendly, then you can listen to it on your earbuds or headphones at the play area. A little music makes everything less tiring and go more smoothly.

Extras: When you’re packing your on-the-go bag this summer, don’t forget the extras! That means extra hats and extra goggles above all, because those always get lost and they’re needed for a lot of summer activities. Extra water bottles are also a good idea.

Summer survival is a real thing for parents, and before you can pack any of the above, you got to get your kids set for summer camps! There are so many great and fun camps across Dubai, and there are activities to interest every kid and satisfy every parent.

Language Camps: Summer is a great time to brush up on a language. Sign your kids up for Spanish Cultural Camp at UCAM, where they can learn more about Spanish culture as well as lots of useful language to use on your next holiday to Europe or Latin America. Or sign them up for the online course that they can easily log into from home, when they are relaxing in their down time.

Sporty Camps: For your sporty kids, there are some great camps, including a multi-sports camp at various locations, a football camp, the AIS summer mini-olympics, and a Kids Fitness Camp.

Play Area Camps: If your kids love the play area they will absolutely love the Funky Monkeys and OliOli summer camps that offer everything from arts and crafts, science experiments, and baking to sensory activities. The day will pass so quickly with this much to do!


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