Do you have designer handbags or items collecting dust in the back of your closet? Not sure what to do with them?  NorthLadder is here to help!

NorthLadder  creates a unique service where people can sell their Luxury or electronics items, get cash instantly in a safe, hassle-free manner and have the option to buy back anytime within 60 days!

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In the last two years, they have completed 17,000+ transactions on this international auction led technology platform where customers get the best prices for their pre-owned assets.  NorthLadder has two asset classes:

  1. Luxury which includes Luxury Watches, Branded Jewellery, Luxury Bags and Exotic Cars

  2. Electronics which includes Phones, Laptops, Tablets and Smartwatches. 

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NorthLadder stands out for its unique buyback option.

This is a unique proposition where a customer can sell or borrow against their asset with the option of buying it back within 60 days for a nominal fee.

NorthLadder | Get Cash Quicker | QiDZ | Mom Tips | For Moms

NorthLadder also has a concierge service for you!

They offer discrete concierge services that will assist you throughout! The team will contact you and operate the transaction from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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To understand more about how NorthLadder works you can head over to QiDZ for more information and to start selling or borrow against your luxury assets and electronics! You can also donate your pre-loved phones, laptops and tablets to Dubai Cares via North Ladder. The proceeds from the sale will be donated to Dubai Cares as charity.

NorthLadder | Get Cash Quicker | QiDZ | Mom Tips | For Mom

If you want to contact the team of NorthLadder you can do so by clicking here, sending them an email at or giving them a call/WhatsApp on 055180 4804.

Get Cash Quicker | QiDZ | Mom Tips | For Mom

What are you waiting for? Start selling today!


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