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2020 has changed the way we look at life in many ways. This holy month of Ramadan has been strikingly different from any year before it. So we asked Tezzy what a typical day looks like for her and the family.
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Read about Tezzy’s typical day below.


For us, Ramadan was always a communal gathering of soulful prayers and elaborate feasts. And living in Dubai, the holy month has always had a festive appeal.
With the advent of this invisible virus, we’ve been confined to our homes. I miss the immaculate Iftar tents, the late-night Suhoor gossip, and my fancy Arabesque kaftans will have to while away in the wardrobe.

However, being confined in the four walls of our home has made this the most spiritual Ramadan of our lives.


With no excuses of rigid work hours, heavy traffic or dressing up for the next event, we have been very diligent with our prayers.
I am ashamed to say that I have never been a very devout Muslim, and am therefore very grateful for this slow-down as it has helped us connect together as a family on a more spiritual level. My heart fills with pride seeing my 9 year old daughter Farasha taking interest in learning more about her religion. She takes my lead and rolls out her prayer mat at the call of the azaan, and has been fasting on alternative days.
Although we miss the gourmet Iftars, our plates are now filled with traditional treats I grew up with. My mother has been sharing her recipes via Zoom calls, and Farasha now has a list of simple recipes she can make all on her own. Her trifle pudding is just as yummy as grandma’s!

I believe this lock down has come with a silver lining.


It has helped us rediscover the true beauty of Ramadan. It never really was about the expansive, wasteful Iftar buffets or maintaining an exhausting social calendar.
Ramadan 2020 has gifted me the opportunity to spend more time with my daughter, to instill in her a spiritual belonging to her religion and to wholeheartedly bow down in deep gratitude for every small thing we have been blessed with.
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