Meet Aya Behind Koala Picks Snacks

Meet Aya Behind Koala Picks Snacks

By Aya

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Behind every successful business, there is often an inspiring story of determination, passion, and a drive to make a difference. Such is the case with Koala Picks Healthy Snacks, a thriving business founded by a remarkable mom entrepreneur. Let’s delve into the story behind Koala Picks and discover how this dedicated mother transformed her vision into a reality, providing families with high-quality products that enhance their everyday lives.

In a world filled with snacks that are often loaded with preservatives and artificial ingredients, finding healthy and delicious options for our families can be a daunting task. However, thanks to the dedication and passion of mom entrepreneur Aya, families can now enjoy wholesome and nutritious snacks through her brand, Koala Picks Healthy Snacks. Let’s delve into Aya’s inspiring journey and discover how she is empowering families by providing high-quality, tasty, and nourishing treats.

1. How did you come up with the idea for Koala Picks? What inspired you to create a business focused on providing healthy snacks for children?
Me and My husband came up with the idea of Koala Picks back in 2019 when our eldest son started asking for snacks like cookies and muffins and we couldn’t find any healthy options in supermarket. We felt it’s unfair for children to be consuming alot of unhealthy snacks due to the lack of a healthier alternative.

2. As a mom entrepreneur, how do you balance the demands of running a business with the responsibilities of being a parent? What motivates you to keep going during challenging times?
Balance is hard and honestly not always achievable, especially as a mom of 3 kids! Some days work takes over and some days I am able to slow down. But mostly I try to make a conscious effort to be available to my kids once I am back home, I put my laptop away and focus on them till their bedtime. What motivates me is knowing I am doing what I am doing for their future and wellbeing.

3. Being a mom entrepreneur can be an emotional journey filled with highs and lows. How do you celebrate the successes and milestones of your business while also embracing the challenges that come your way?
As an entrepreneur the journey is mostly challenges, success does come but after so many challenges, so we try to always keep our mission right infront of us, thinking how we can change people’s habits and help them so we keep on going through the lows. When we hit a certain milestone we always like to celebrate with our team to show them that their hardwork pays off.

4. What advice would you give to other moms who aspire to start their own businesses but may be hesitant or unsure about taking that leap of faith? How would you encourage them to pursue their dreams?
Before starting my entrepreneurial journey, I didn’t know what to expect,I wish someone was there to guide me. Now 4 years into it, I love guiding other moms with their businesses. The leap of faith is hard and not for the faint hearted, but is it worth it? YES! You need to have a positive mindset, believe 100% in your idea, but stay resilient through it all and know that failures are part of the process but it’s how you get up back is the key thing.

5. What does the future hold for Koala Picks? Are there any exciting developments or new products on the horizon? How does it feel to see your vision evolve and grow over time?
We are always working towards something new at Koala Picks, especially in an evolving market like the UAE inorder to stay in business you have to always be creative and different!
We are planning to launch new snacks and spreads by the back to school season to help more families with their lunchboxes!  We also hope that by next year we would be starting to expand into adjacent GCC countries to help more and more parents and kids.

6. How do you incorporate feedback from parents and children into the development and improvement of your snack offerings? How important is it for you to listen to your customers’ needs and preferences?
It is super important! Without feedback from our customers and from kids we can’t move forward. Part of the launching process of any new snack is getting feedback from several kids and parents about the new product, we can stay for weeks going back and forth till we nail the recipe. And even after launching we try to continuously get feedback to know how people are liking the snacks, we had discontinued several snacks previously after getting feedback from kids that didn’t like certain textures.

7. As a mom entrepreneur, what legacy do you hope to leave behind for your own children and for other moms who may be inspired by your journey? How does it feel to be a role model for others?
The legacy I would love to leave is being a role model for my kids. For them to look up to me and my husband knowing that we are doing everything for them and for their future. And for them to know that there is no such thing as impossible and that if they work hard enough anything will be possible and that failure is ok, and  the lessons we learn through out the journey is more important.

8. Lastly, how do you find fulfillment and joy in both your role as a mom and as an entrepreneur? What keeps your passion alive and fuels your drive to continue making a positive impact through Koala Picks?
My fulfillment comes when I see my kids talking to others about me and Koala Picks, and how they love sharing the snacks with friends and tell them all about it. The moment when my kids came and told me they saw Koala Picks snacks in their School canteen, how excited and happy and proud they were meant everything for me! They became our brand ambassadors, they cheer for us everywhere and try to support as much as they can and for us that is the success we were looking for.
Finally hearing my eldest saying that he plans to on working for Koala Picks and his dream is to make it bigger and take it to other countries makes us so proud of him and how Koala Picks was able to shape his personality and future.

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