Mediclinic Dubai: Nosebleeds (Epistaxis) in Children

Mediclinic Dubai: Nosebleeds (Epistaxis) in Children


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Contributed by expert contributor: Dr. Abdelhalim Mahmoud, Specialist ENT at Mediclinic Mirdif

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Summer has ended, and we start returning to schools, with children resuming their mental, physical and social activities.

Despite the benefit and pleasure that children get from school, there are some health problems that children may face in school which may cause some fears and anxiety for the family.

One of the common problems in children is nosebleeds, which may occur spontaneously or because of an injury to the nose during children’s physical activity in school.

This is a simple summary of nosebleeds in children, the causes and how to treat them. Moreover, I wish a fun and interesting academic year for children and families as well.

  • Nosebleeds can be a scary occurrence, but are usually not dangerous. The medical term for nosebleed is epistaxis. They are common in children, especially in dry climates or during the winter months when dry heat inside homes and buildings can cause drying, cracking, or crusting inside the nose. In most instances, children outgrow the tendency for nosebleeds during their teenage years.
  • The front part of the nose contains many fragile blood vessels that can be damaged easily. Most nosebleeds in children occur in the front part of the nose close to the nostrils.

What causes a nosebleed?

Nosebleeds are caused by many factors, but some of the most common causes include the following:

  • picking the nose
  • blowing the nose too hard
  • injury to the nose
  • over-dry air
  • colds and allergies
  • foreign body in the nose

Mediclinic Dubai | QiDZ | Kids Activities in Dubai

What to do:

  • Stay calm and reassure your child
  • Have your child sit upright in a chair or on your lap, then tilt his or her head slightly forward
  • Do not have your child lean back. This may cause blood to flow down the back of the throat, which tastes bad and may cause gagging, coughing, or vomiting
  • Gently pinch the soft part of the nose (just below the bony ridge) with a tissue or clean washcloth
  • Keep pressure on the nose for about 10 minutes; if you stop too soon, bleeding may start again
  • Have your child relax a while after a nosebleed. Discourage nose blowing, picking, or rubbing, and any rough play

When should I call my child’s physician?

  • You are unable to stop the nosebleed or if it recurs
  • Your child also has a nose injury that may indicate a more serious problem (such as a fractured nose or other trauma to the head)
  • There is a large amount or rapid loss of blood
  • Your child feels faint, weak, ill, or has trouble breathing
  • Your child has bleeding from other parts of the body (such as in the stool, urine or gums) or bruises easily
  • There is a foreign body stuck in your child’s nose

For appointments and more information call Mediclinic Mirdif on 800 1999 or visit mediclinic.ae.

Authored by

Dr. Abdelhalim Mahmoud

Specialist ENT at Mediclinic Mirdif


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